August 2019

Season 3, Episode 19

4.0 12 x
Danny enlists Bull's help for the assault trial of her former FBI mentor, a bounty hunter who kidnapped the wrong mark during his first assignment.

Season 3, Episode 18

3.0 9 x
Bull's romantic rival, Diana Lindsay, jeopardises her career when she secretly has Bull come to Texas to assist a couple fighting against her former client for custody of their grandchildren.
July 2019

Season 3, Episode 17

4.0 30 x
Bull and the TAC team represent a teen boy raised in complete isolation when the young man goes on trial for murder after engaging in a deadly shootout.

Season 3, Episode 16

3.0 20 x
The TAC team works tandem cases when Chunk represents a man facing counterfeiting charges, and Bull represents his grandfather, who owns the barbershop where the fake goods were sold.

Season 3, Episode 13

3.0 22 x
Bull's new relationship with Diana, his on-again romantic rival, is complicated by his renewed feelings for his ex-wife, Isabella, when they're reunited by the sudden death of her and Benny's father.
June 2019

Season 3, Episode 12

3.0 31 x
New York's City's chief medical examiner, is charged with tampering with evidence on the case that made her career.

Season 3, Episode 11

4.0 32 x
Bull and his romantic rival join forces, when her niece and husband are charged with armed robbery.

Season 3, Episode 10

4.0 14 x
A hit-and-run case is complicated when the priest charged, claims the actual driver confessed to him, but he can't reveal their identity due to the confidentiality that comes with confession.

Season 3, Episode 9

3.0 12 x
Danny enlists her colleagues to help when her boyfriend, Gabriel, is arrested for being in the country illegally and threatened with deportation.
May 2019

Season 3, Episode 8

4.0 15 x
Bull takes on a pro bono client who was poorly advised by his public defender to plead guilty to a misdemeanour assault charge and is now facing felony manslaughter after the victim dies.