Bullet In The Face

April 2014

S1 Ep6

3.0 40 x
Cradle to Grave - As the mob war between Tannhauser and Racken rages towards an apocalyptic conclusion, Gunter fights through the maze of past rivalries, deceptions and betrayals to be reunited with his girlfriend Martine - before she gives birth to...

S1 Ep5

3.0 38 x
The World Stage - The ongoing mob war between Tannhauser and Racken escalates into a raging firestorm that engulfs the entire city. Gunter is able to discern that someone else is actually pulling the strings behind the scenes - a new criminal elemen...

S1 Ep4

3.0 30 x
Kiss Me Thrice - Recruited to rejoin the underworld while still working for law enforcement, Gunter finds himself playing both sides of a barbed wire fence that places everyone around him in danger. The tangled web grows even more complicated when G...

S1 Ep3

3.0 23 x
Drug of Choice - After a young boy brutally murders two people and a parakeet, Gunter takes a personal interest in the lad's criminal case. Using his newfound role of a cop to mentor the boy, Gunter steers the youth even further towards the dark sid...
March 2014

S1 Ep2

3.0 60 x
Angel of Death - After a priest commits suicide, Gunter and his reluctant new partner Lieutenant Hagerman are ordered to investigate the matter by their boss, Commissioner Eva Braden. Gunter's life of sin proves unexpectedly useful, uncovering a con...

S1 Ep1

3.0 55 x
Meet Gunter Vogler - Gunter Vogler is a career criminal whose path takes an unexpected turn when law enforcement captures him and turns him into a cop. Armed with a new identity and a badge, Gunter proves more dangerous as a lawman than he ever was ...