Buried In The Backyard


Episode 7 (Killer By The Coast)

4.0 42 x
When two female college students go missing, their whereabouts remain unknown for months, until a parole officer recalls startling information that would lead investigators to the backyard of a remote property.

Episode 4 (Wishing Well Hell)

3.0 49 x
When the body of a beloved, elderly woman is found brutally murdered and stuffed inside a decorative wishing well in the backyard of her property, a dogged detective goes on a years-long hunt to catch her elusive killer.

Episode 2 (Struggle In The Night)

3.0 39 x
After the body of a missing young mother is discovered in a shallow grave behind her own home, cops must investigate the complicated relationships of her past and present in order to identify a motive and track down her killer.