Burned Bridge


S1 Ep13

Expired 3.0 152 x
Many important events are played out including divorce, murder, traditions, Stolen Generations, friendship, and love. in "Burned Bridge". Starring Cate Blanchett and Ernie Dingo.

S1 Ep12

Expired 3.0 72 x
After Ricky's failed bail application, Vincent, Alf and Beth return from the city without him.

S1 Ep8

Expired 4.0 66 x
Beth and Vincent return from WA to find their changed relationship is a source of unwelcomed interest.

S1 Ep11

Expired 3.0 74 x
Vincent and Nerida succeed in doing a deal with the DPP to get Ricky bail but are foiled when Garth broadcasts details on air.

S1 Ep7

Expired 2.5 78 x
Beth is unable to bear the idea of Vincent undergoing ritual punishment in order to atone for his past breach of tradtional law.
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