Cake Wars

December 2019

6. Ultimate Gingerbread House

20 x
Teams will be challenged to create the ultimate gingerbread house, and when the gingerbread dust settles, only one team will jingle all the way home with $50,000.

5. Santa's Workshop

22 x
Teams need to help out Santa with a very important gift... the one for Mrs. Claus.

4. The Nutcracker

6 x
Teams will be challenged to show how Santa's elves get in shape. Then, the teams must give the Nutcracker a modern twist.
August 2019

5. Hello Kitty

17 x
Winning baker's cake will be featured at the launch of Hello Kitty's North American tour.

Episode 4 - 19 Aug 2019

5 x
A Nintendo challenge features cakes inspired by the video game, Super Mario Bros.

Episode 3 - 12 Aug 2019

6 x
A cake for a couple's dream wedding is needed.

2. DC Comics

8 x
Bakers compete to have their creation featured at a DC Comics celebration.
July 2019

Episode 1 - 29 Jul 2019

18 x
Bakers compete to see whose creation is worthy to appear at a bash, in honor of The Simpsons.

Episode 13 - 22 Jul 2019

12 x
Cake Wars goes through the looking glass as four amazing bakers put their skills to the test and take on Alice in Wonderland. The winner's cake will be featured at the 65th Anniversary celebration.

Episode 12 - 15 Jul 2019

12 x
It's a Cake War that's 65 million years in the making, as four phenomenal cake artists battle to capture dinosaurs in cake form. Only one baker will have their creation as the centerpiece.

11. Archie

16 x
Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and the whole gang are headed for Cake Wars, as four master cake artists battle to have their creations at the center of a party celebrating 75 years of the comic.

10. Willy Wonka

14 x
It's the 45th Anniversary of the all-time classic film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Cake Wars is coming to the party. Four bakers will compete with their scrumdiddlyumptious cake.
June 2019

9. Sesame Street

8 x
Big Bird and the whole crew are making their way from Sesame Street to Cake Wars! Four talented cake makers compete to have their creation at the center of an epic party celebrating the latest season.

8. Party Animals

16 x
Even hippos love cake, and Cake Wars is celebrating the first birthday of Rosie the baby hippo from the Los Angeles Zoo! Four bakers go to battle for the chance to have their amazing cake creation.

7. Shrek

8 x
Everyone's favorite ogre is making his way to Cake Wars - Shrek himself! DreamWorks Animation is throwing a massive party to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the iconic animated film.

6. Shark Lagoon

22 x
Watch out! These cakes have some serious teeth as Cake Wars takes on the great wonders of the deep: sharks! As the world-famous Aquarium of the Pacific throws a massive celebration.
May 2019

5. Valentine's Day

2 x
Love is in the air as Cake Wars celebrates Valentine's Day with something we all love: chocolate! With the help of an expert chocolatier, four bakers put their heart into their cake creations.

13. Where's Waldo

Expired 9 x
Grab your walking sticks and red-and-white striped shirts and get ready for a globe-trotting adventure as Cake Wars takes on Where's Waldo.

4. Minecraft

10 x
One of the biggest video games of all time is coming to Cake Wars - Minecraft! They're throwing a huge party to celebrate this smash hit.

12. Paddington

11 x
Paddington the Bear is onto his next adventure, bringing his old hat and battered suitcase to visit Cake Wars!