Calls From The Inside

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Calls From The Inside

Newlyweds Tony and Melinda are executed. Jail calls during Tony's previous incarceration yield many suspects, including men in love with Melinda.

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Season 1
Two middle class mums both tried to kill their husbands. Jail calls between the two reveal their thoughts on love, men, and what landed them in prison.
A man's first wife died in an apparent burglary and years later, his second wife is killed. Police must determine if it's just a terrible coincidence.
A distraught husband cannot locate his wife. Police discover a videotape, and the grainy footage points to a grisly demise.
When a woman is found dead in front of her boyfriend's home in Michigan, all evidence seems to point to the boyfriend; but detectives uncover more suspects.
William Hargrove loves both Anna and Michelle. When Michelle tells him he has to choose between them, he picks her, and Anna winds up dead.