March 2019

Season 3 Episode 1 - Sam

4.0 7 x
In the aftermath of Catherine’s suicide, Cardinal outwardly accepts the evidence that she took her own life. But when he starts to receive taunting cards blaming him for her death he begins to question the suicide. Back on duty, Cardinal and Delorme are called to a bloody cottage crime scene where at least two people have ...

Season 3 Episode 2 - Roman And Irena

4.0 9 x
Cardinal and Delorme struggle to identify the two bodies – until two entrepreneurs are reported M.I.A. from the Sportsman’s Show. The lead brings the detectives to the trashed boat of Roman & Irena Barstow. Roman was a former gun industry exec who bought out Irena’s custom hunting-bow business and then married her – enragi...

Season 3 Episode 3 - Jack

3.0 7 x
Mama and her family (Jack, Lemur, and Nikki) have commandeerd Lloyd Kreeger’s home, taken him prisoner, and killed his employee. The Barstow murders are in the news and the heat is on, but the family must find the guns they came for before leaving town. Meanwhile, Cardinal and Delorme pursue evidence that realtor Randall W...

Season 3 Episode 4 - Lemur

3.0 7 x
Cardinal and Delorme get a sketch of the Island Road killer from Sam, and with the department stretched thin, Commanda volunteers to keep her and her mother safe. Cardinal and Delorme find evidence leading them to known gun dealer Misha Pulaski - last seen meeting with the Barstows at a local watering hole. He has an alibi...

Season 3 Episode 5 - Mama

4.0 6 x
Still embarrassed over arresting Roger Felt, Cardinal wakes to Kelly staggering in drunk. The two of them finally confront their grief over Catherine and Cardinal tries to move on - but in the morning he gets a message from someone with information about Catherine. Jack lies to Mama and Nikki, telling them Delorme killed L...

Season 3 Episode 6 - Helen

4.0 8 x
Cardinal manages to cast enough suspicion on Catherine’s suicide to bring Dyson onside, and she follows up on his leads as Cardinal and Delorme close in on Mama by using sonar technology to find the missing Scriver bodies, confirming the daughter is still alive. Sensing their approach, Mama’s composure begins to slip and ...
May 2018

Season 2 Episode 1 - Red

Expired 3.0 21 x
Commanda finds a confused young woman alone at a roadside bar with a bullet in her head. The red-haired woman has no memory of who she is, how she got there, or who shot her. Even after the bullet is removed, “Red” can’t remember anything. He turns the case over to Cardinal and Delorme, who must protect Red while trying to...

Season 2 Episode 2 -Wombat

Expired 4.0 13 x
Cardinal and Delorme ID the latest body as the gun thief, Dave, their only suspect, and learn he was murdered almost two weeks before Red’s shooting. Back to square one. Tracking Dave’s last days leads them to the local Northern Raiders biker gang, so they enlist the help of an expert, OPD Staff Sergeant Alan Clegg. With...

Season 2 Episode 3 - Kevin

Expired 3.0 11 x
Cardinal and Delorme retrieve security footage of Red that helps ID her as Terri Tait, a student from Vancouver. Terri claims she still can’t remember anything, but after she sends them on a wild goose chase, Cardinal and Delorme realise she’s lying. When they return to the hospital to confront her about her lie, Terri ha...

Season 2 Episode 4 - Toof

Expired 3.0 24 x
Having tracked down Terri, Cardinal gains her trust. Terri’s recovered memories give he and Delorme new information to work with and they make progress tracking Terri’s shooter – and her brother, Kevin. But is Kevin an innocent victim, or part of the plot to kill her? Meanwhile, Cardinal’s personal life draws his attenti...