Carlos The Jackal


Series 1 Episode 3 Part Three (final)

Expired 2.0 103 x
Carlos is now effectively a 'terrorist for hire' and his decline is closely linked to changes in world order. CAST: dgar Ramrez

Series 1 Episode 2 Part Two

Expired 3.0 143 x
We follow a detailed account of the operation that remains one of the most audacious terrorist acts of the period - seizing control of the OPEC headquarters and taking ministers and delegates hostage. CAST dgar Ramrez

Series 1 Episode 1 Part One

Expired 3.0 133 x
Spanning 20 years, Assayas's exciting, sexy, and globe spanning portrait of the notorious international terrorist mastermind, electrified audiences at its premiere at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.