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After living a life in hiding using a false identity, fugitive Jack Druggan embarks on a vengeful killing spree in an attempt to return to his notorious mobster glory days.

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Season 1
When the son of a state trooper is brutally murdered, Annie Frost and the U.S. marshal team are called in to track down dangerous fugitive Eduardo "El Lobo" Lopez, who is killing anyone in his way.
Frost and her team must get into the mind of a killer as they anticipate and track dangerous fugitive Mason Boyle.
Annie must share the details of her past with the team in order to pursue a case that has put her father's life in danger.
The marshals enlist the help of bounty hunter Ben Crowley to apprehend a dangerous criminal who has evaded arrest due to the protection of his loyal friends and family.
Annie and Jimmy square off against Luke and Marco in an annual contest to clear as many backlogged warrants as possible.
The marshals hunt for prison escapee David Bottner, who launches his own desperate search for evidence of his innocence.
A corrupt police officer, Justin Tate, preys on single mothers in an attempt to get close to their young daughters.
In the conclusion of this two-part episode, Annie's life remains in the hands of a dangerous drug cartel looking for retribution.
When Pablo Cordova is arrested on suspicion of drug distribution and the lead witness in the case winds up dead, the marshals discover the killer is his wife, Isabella.
U.S. marshals Annie Frost and Luke Watson pursue fugitive Chris Novack, who takes the city of Houston hostage after escaping from the county courthouse.
U.S. marshals Annie and Daisy team up to catch small-town fugitives Karen Nelson and Ivy Collins, a duo who use their feminine wiles to lure innocent victims into participating in bank heists.
Jackson Cooper is a fugitive with a dark past who manipulates his teenage girlfriend with promises of freedom from her father and a life filled with romance and adventure.
A serial killer escapes prison and Annie must rely on jailed fugitive Mason Boyle for answers.
When a U.S. marshal impersonator, Bob McGraw, starts killing people in a misguided attempt to capture fugitives, he becomes one himself.
On the hunt for fugitive Carson Puckett, who is using explosives to get revenge, Annie gets injured and is forced to rely on bounty hunter Ben Crowley.
When a desperate fugitive convicted of defrauding investors of millions of dollars jumps bail and turns violent, the marshals must find him before he disappears.
After a brutal murder, fugitive Faith Maples takes her young daughter with her on a harrowing killing spree across Texas.