China: Triumph And Turmoil

November 2014

Ep3 - Superpower

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Superpower - Historian Niall Ferguson asks what China's growing global presence and aggressive nationalism mean to all of us. China's supercharged economic growth signals a seismic shift in political power from West to East. We are increasingly dependent on China's money to bail out our own fragile economies. But at what p...
October 2014

Ep2 - Maostalgia

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Maostalgia - Historian Niall Ferguson asks how China manages to live under a communist system of government but with a thriving capitalist economy. Mao Zedong was responsible for the deaths of millions, and yet this hard-line communist is revered in China today as the founder of a modern-day capitalist superpower. To find ...

Ep1 - Emperors

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Emperors - In this revealing three-part series, historian Niall Ferguson examines China's ascendancy into a global superpower, and asks what the future holds for the world's most populous country and its relationship with the rest of the world. In the first episode, Ferguson begins by exploring civil liberties among the co...