Chris Tarrant's Extreme Railways

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Chris Tarrant's Extreme Railways

Chris traverses Morocco from west to east before heading off into the sands of the Sahara to discover whether a legendary line that stretches all the way to Timbuktu really exists.

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Season 3
Chris Tarrant travels almost 3,000 kilometres across Scandinavia and Finland in the middle of winter, braving deep snow, sub-zero temperatures and hardly any light.
Chris travels the route of the Soviet-era Trans-Caucasus Railway departing the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.
Chris Tarrant travels from Cape Town in South Africa across Botswana to the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, following the route of an ambitious railway pioneered by controversial Cecil Rhodes.
Season 1
Chris Tarrant travels down the Konkan railway which runs along the west coast of India connecting the port cities of Mumbai and Mangalore.
Chris Tarrant crosses the Australian Outback, to find out the truth about an amazing railway from Adelaide to Darwin.