Christina In The Country

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Christina In The Country

A family calls on Christina to renovate their home and balance out design differences to create a dramatic and bold space. Also, Josh helps build a luxurious chicken coop.

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Season 1
Cassie visits Christina to enlist her help in renovating a home for her in-laws, Damon and Jessica. After recently being diagnosed with ALS, Jessica needs a home to suit.
A family leaves California for a new home in Tennessee and need Christina's help to create a kitchen to serve their cooking needs. Christina and Josh visit a local antique store.
A couple new to Tennessee takes a hands-on approach as Christina transforms their dark, closed-off Tuscan home. Also, Christina and Josh receive a special delivery.
With three young boys and a one-week-old baby girl, a couple enlists Christina's help to transform their dark kitchen. Christina and Josh find a potential investment property.
As Christina expands her design business in Tennessee, Josh recommends his sister and her husband as first clients. Christina redesigns their kitchen and living areas.