September 2016

S8 Ep50 - All At Sea

Expired 3.0 8 x
All At Sea - In the final episode of the series, the coast team are all at sea as they head offshore to explore surprising stories of love and death, cannibalism and communist submarines; seasickness and a seafaring prince. Nick Crane attempts one of the world's most fearsome yachting challenges, the Isle of Wight 'Round the Island Race'. Preparing for the race Nick also learns how sailing on the Isle of Wight gained the Royal seal of approval when Queen Victoria said 'it is impossible to imagi...

S8 Ep49 - The Secret Life Of Sea Cliffs

Expired 3.0 8 x
The Secret Life Of Sea Cliffs - Nick Crane explores some of the most spectacular and scary sea cliffs in Britain as he embarks on an elevated journey to take in the highspots of the Yorkshire coastline. Yorkshire's cliffs are crumbling faster than anywhere else in Britain, with over a metre lost every year. Nick is surprised to meet a man building a new house close to the cliff top, despite his last home there being condemned. He wants to discover what the appeal is of living life on the edge –...

S8 Ep48 - Rivers And Seas Collide

Expired 3.0 4 x
Rivers And Seas Collide - The new series of Coast continues with a journey around the great estuaries of Britain where 20 million people live, and a dazzling variety of animals thrive. The team visit the most dramatic waterways to discover surprising stories that emerge where rivers and seas collide. Nick Crane explores the wealth of wildlife and industry that are attracted to the Firth of Forth, the mighty estuary that feeds Edinburgh. To reveal the secrets that made this coastline famous for...

S9 Ep6 - Winter

Expired 3.0 11 x
Winter - In a dramatic, storm-lashed climax to series nine of Coast, the team explore what becomes of our coast in winter. In this secret season our shore is battered by wild weather - but teeming with life if you know where to look. Nick Crane visits Cornwall, and discovers that wild winter seas bring surprising benefits to the Cornish coast. Neil Oliver experiences the extraordinary Viking Fire Festival on Shetland, where massed ranks of Viking warriors go on parade. Andy Torbet, meanwhile, i...

S9 Ep5 - Sea And The City

Expired 3.0 13 x
Sea And The City - This episode of Coast explores some surprising stories that connect our great cities to the sea. Nick Crane pays tribute to the astonishing port of Immingham, and Tessa Dunlop looks at the far-sighted steps that were taken to prevent the Luftwaffe from flooding London during the Blitz. Ruth Goodman investigates the clandestine coastal sex trade that scandalised Victorian Britain, and Mark Horton reveals how Greenwich became an epicentre of global sea navigation. In Liverpool,...
August 2016

S8 Ep47 - The Joy Of The Coast

Expired 3.0 10 x
The Joy Of The Coast - To discover the pure pleasure of seaside leisure the team seek out the ideal locations to enjoy their personal passions and experience the Joy of the Coast. Nick Crane heads to his beloved Western Isles in Scotland to attempt a daunting, long-coveted, mountaineering challenge on the Isle of Skye. Poet and storyteller, Ian McMillan seeks creative inspiration in the painter's paradise of St Ives. Tessa Dunlop takes the plunge into the glamorous history of British lidos, tho...

S9 Ep4 - Offshore

Expired 3.0 13 x
Offshore - Coast embarks on its first adventure to North America, exploring British connections far offshore and surprising stories in the waters just off Britain's shoreline. Nick Crane journeys to Nova Scotia in Canada, where some long-forgotten Scottish traditions are still maintained. Tessa Dunlop reveals an untold story from the Falklands war; and in the Outer Hebrides, Miranda Krestovnikoff goes in search of Britain's oldest puffin. Naval historian Nick Hewitt uncovers the history of Nab ...

S9 Ep3 - The Explorers' Coast

Expired 3.0 13 x
The Explorers' Coast - The team discovers untold tales of explorers around our shores, and far beyond, including a stop-off in Australia. In Cornwall, Nick Crane marvels at the colour illustrations of 19th-century artist William Daniell. Mark Horton reveals the story of Scottish explorer and adventurer Lachlan Macquarie, who established and named Australia. Tessa Dunlop investigates the hidden history of the Pilgrim Fathers, and Andy Torbet teams up with a group of fish-counting scientists in S...

S8 Ep2 - The Worker's Coast

Expired 3.0 9 x
The Worker's Coast - Nick tells the story of an abandoned refrigeration plant whose workers kept the country's biggest fishing fleet afloat. He joins a team of drivers who face a race against time to precision park hundreds of new British-built cars aboard a huge purpose-built car-transporter. Neil takes a look at the story of when thousands of shipyard workers on the river Clyde battled against job losses. (From the UK) (Documentary) G CC

S9 Ep2 - Secret Paths To Hidden Treasures

Expired 3.0 12 x
Secret Paths To Hidden Treasures - The team explores the treasures to be found on surprising, secret paths around British shores. Britain's last great wilderness, the stunning Cape Wrath, is the stomping ground for Nick Crane. Ruth Goodman visits the perilous paths near the sea cliffs of Devon, whilst Adam McIntosh follows a secret underwater path off the isle of Iona to discover rare and beautiful green marble. On the tiny island of Lundy in the Bristol Channel Mark Horton unearths some remark...