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Combat Hospital

Rebecca drains the blood bank in an attempt to save a severely wounded British soldier, who may have been the victim of a friendly fire incident.

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Season 1
Col. Marks, Rebecca and Bobby contend with a deadly, unknown and antibiotic-resistant infection that threatens to shut down the only military surgical hospital in Southern Afghanistan.
In the series premiere, Dr.’s Rebecca Gordon and Bobby Trang report for duty at the NATO Role 3 medical unit at Kandahar Airfield, where they must endure rocket attacks while treating wounded soldiers
An attack on the Women’s Clinic takes its toll as Major Samizay, Rebecca, Pedersen, Suzy and Pam fall under siege.
When Col. Marks is injured in an explosion, Rebecca takes charge of triage. But as the pressure mounts, will she stand her ground, even if it means going against Colonel Marks?
The annual friendly hockey game between allied forces turns violent. Simon’s painful past is put on display in a prank gone wrong.
Col. Marks orders an Army Chaplain questioning her faith to hold vigil with Simon during a difficult surgery.
Vans’ allegiance is questioned when one of his friends brought in after an IED blast may have been more then an innocent bystander.
The relationship between the doctors and nurses is strained when Bobby makes a controversial decision to try to save a patient against all odds. Can the team put their conflict behind them?
Under intense investigation, Rebecca doubts her decision to withhold treatment to a soldier, which may have resulted in his death. Will her brash actions come back to condemn her?
Rebecca challenges hospital protocol to fulfill the final wish of a beloved soldier. How far will she go to prove herself and at what cost?
Numerous casualties threaten to overwhelm the Role 3 Hospital when a civilian wedding party is caught in the crossfire of war. Rebecca goes on a search to find the fate of the missing bride.
When neurosurgeon Dr. Simon Hill’s unauthorized helicopter ride turns into a medevac mission under fire, Rebecca has to do emergency brain surgery in his place.