Comedy Next Gen


Season 1, Episode 11 (Alice Fraser)

4.0 2 x
Raised Buddhist by a lapsed Catholic and a recovered Jew, Alice Fraser chronicles the world of her childhood through the lives of the people living in the crumbling down house she called home.

Season 1, Episode 10 (Michael Hing)

4.0 6 x
An hour of jokes, mostly about casual and systemic racism in Australia, as told through the eyes of stand-up comedian and certified disappointment to his parents, Michael Hing. Recorded at the Comedy Store in Sydney.

Zoe Coombs Marr

4.0 2 x
A feminist comedian dressed as a mouthy male stand-up, dressed as a silent Gaulier clown, trying not to offend anyone. Sound confusing? It is. 'Welcome to Trigger Warning' - the award winning show from Zoe Coombs Marr.

Season 2, Episode 11 (Geraldine Hickey)

4.0 9 x
Geraldine Hickey's show explores the themes of empathy, disappointments and why sometimes it's not always a good idea to say "Yes Please!", but when Geraldine does at least we get a good story.

Season 1, Episode 9 (Simon Taylor)

3.3 75 x
Human is a culmination of Simon Taylor's experiences travelling Australia & trying to find its cultural identity. Simon asks where do I find it? and explores why many people don't feel like they belong in their own country.

Season 2, Episode 8 (Yianni Agisilaou)

3.0 9 x
In this show, Yianni Agisilaou explores the preposterous rules, double-standards and expectations society lumps on us depending on which bits we're born with.

Season 2, Episode 4 (Cameron James)

4.0 5 x
From a sold-out night at Sydney's famous Comedy Store, comedian Cameron James gets real about grown up parties, paintball injuries, and the tiny lies we tell ourselves to get through each day.
Episodes 2018

Damien Power

3.0 33 x
Thought-provoking and absurd, Damien Powers' 'Sell Mum Into Slavery' sees the award-winner tackle the big, global questions from religion to consumerism to politics.

Season 2, Episode 10 (Daniel Townes)

3.5 48 x
Daniel Townes bangs out almost an hour of his classic jokes, with killer one-liners, razor-sharp social commentary, and dark, hilarious personal stories.

Season 2, Episode 5 (Demi Lardner)

4.8 86 x
In her stand-up show Demi Lardner plays 46-year-old Gavin who is based on the numerous stepdads she's had in her short, but magnificent life.