Season 35

Season 35, Episode 10 - One Of A Kind

3.0 3 x
Peter Macleod-Miller is the rector of St. Matthew's Anglican Church in Albury. He has now built a church community that welcomes everyone. Compass explores what makes this eccentric and fiercely opinionated minister tick.

Season 35, Episode 9 - Inconceivable

4.0 12 x
In the age of the global climate crisis many young Australians are struggling with the idea of having kids. Inconceivable explores these anxieties and how they are playing out in the lives of five Australians.

Season 35, Episode 8 - The Accidental Advocate

3.5 11 x
George Newhouse is founder of the National Justice Project, arguably the number one human rights firm in Australia. George has been fighting for the rights of refugees and the nation's first people for decades.

Season 35, Episode 6 - The Piano Tuner

3.0 26 x
From an Amish family in Tasmania to a Chinese Australian widow in Darwin, piano tuner Martin Tucker encounters people across Australia. Through his craft, we are introduced to a network of community, connection and listening.

Season 35, Episode 7 - Picturing Home

4.3 48 x
The uplifting story of how homeless woman Jai Jaru finds permanent accommodation through the support of the system and her own tenacity and conviction.

Season 35, Episode 4 - The Jesuit Who Dared

4.3 13 x
As a Jesuit priest, Michael Kelly rocked the foundations of the Catholic Church in Australia. Now grappling with life-changing health challenges, Geraldine Doogue examines the legacy of a man who has achieved a great deal.

Season 35, Episode 5 - Through Our Eyes

4.0 8 x
A unique project which draws high school students in Timor and Australia into a cultural exchange through photographing their daily lives in their country and writing about what the photo means to them.

Season 35, Episode 3 - Rhyl Hinwood - A Legacy In Stone

3.0 91 x
This Brisbane-based sculptor spent the last five decades creating memorable stone carvings throughout Queensland. Now in her eighties, her most recent commission was to make carvings for St John's Cathedral in Brisbane.

Season 35, Episode 2 - Inside The Bruderhof

4.5 36 x
In a small village in the UK, a community has turned its back on the modern world to live a life free of money, crime and homelessness. But one young resident is questioning her future.

Season 35, Episode 1 - Why Did She Have To Tell The World?

3.0 10 x
The first lesbian couple to come out on national television almost fifty years ago are still together. Today Francesca Curtis and Phyllis Papps open up about love, loss and political change.