Season 36

Season 36, Episode 16 - Sacred Space: Maggie Dent

4.0 34 x
Author and parenting guru Maggie Dent introduces her sacred place, an ocean pool on the south coast of NSW.

Season 36, Episode 15 - Solstice

3.0 58 x
Annette and Stuart Baker lost their teenage daughter to suicide. Finding little to no support for survivors of suicide, they became founders of a unique healing event, the Winter Solstice.

Season 36, Episode 14 - Handling The Heart

4.7 236 x
Explores patient experiences following major heart surgery, how to understand them and how to live with them. A story of existential crisis, told by ex-patients including the filmmaker himself.

Season 36, Episode 13 - One In Six

4.5 39 x
A raw, emotional and intimate journey as an Orthodox Jewish couple go through IVF fertility treatment, with all the added richness and complexity their faith brings to the process.

Season 36, Episode 11 - The Communicator

3.9 20 x
Bekti Andari is the 'rice winner' for her family in Indonesia, she is involved in an experimental dengue reduction programme. Her job is to be a communicator between the scientist and the community.

Season 36, Episode 12 - Sacred Space: Jack Beetson

3.0 24 x
Geraldine Doogue meets Ngemba man Prof Jack Beetson - one of the first Aboriginal Australians to complete a university degree in adult education. Jack has served as a vanguard for education initiatives throughout Australia.

Season 36, Episode 10 - A Friend In Death

4.0 258 x
A group of passionate volunteers support terminally ill patients by collaborating with them to write their life stories, with surprising benefits to both patient and volunteer.

Season 36, Episode 9 - The Cobar Sound Chapel

4.3 99 x
Beneath the skies of a remote mining town, a composer and an architect created a musical chamber for marvelling at the universe.

Season 36, Episode 8 - Raising Her Voice

3.5 51 x
Youth advocate and influencer Yasmin Poole, presents this election episode with a focus on the rise of female independents and a return to ethics and community values in politics.

Season 36, Episode 6 - The Nun In The Cage

3.5 38 x
At 87 activist nun Sister Brigid Arthur works closely with refugees and is acting as litigation guardian for eight teenagers seeking to block a coal mine expansion. We unpack Sister Brigid's long activism and her motivation.