Season 35

Season 35, Episode 5 - Through Our Eyes

4.0 1 x
A unique project which draws high school students in Timor and Australia into a cultural exchange through photographing their daily lives in their country and writing about what the photo means to them.

Season 35, Episode 8 - The Accidental Advocate

3.5 1 x
George Newhouse is founder of the National Justice Project, arguably the number one human rights firm in Australia. George has been fighting for the rights of refugees and the nation's first people for decades.
Season 34

Season 34, Episode 19 - The Fathering Project

3.0 16 x
In one of Perth's most disadvantaged suburbs, many boys are raised in fractured families, facing suicide, crime and mental illness. 'The Fathering Project' combats these intergenerational problems one father at a time.
Season 35

Season 35, Episode 25 - The 110+ Club

4.0 57 x
Having featured in the 2010 Compass special The 100 Club, who would have thought Dexter from Roma would still be fighting fit and writing his family history.

Season 35, Episode 24 - I Never Forget A Face

4.1 197 x
A successful photographer is thrown into a confronting journey of self-discovery when he learns he may have a neurological disorder.

Season 35, Episode 23 - Points Of Difference

4.0 71 x
Disability advocate Nicole Lee is a breath of fresh air introducing a range of dynamic women who reveal what it's like for people with disabilities to deal with the able bodied world's misconceptions.

Season 35, Episode 22 - Peace Pilgrims

4.0 63 x
We join Christian activists whose faith underpins their commitment to protesting for world peace. In Pine Gap in the N.T, protesters were arrested and threatened with seven years' imprisonment.

Season 35, Episode 21 - Islam, Women And Me

4.5 81 x
28 year old British Muslim woman Mehreen Baig explores the experience of women in different Muslim communities.

Season 35, Episode 20 - Too Much Stuff

4.8 668 x
Minimalist and author Sarah Wilson explores what our over-consumption is doing to our hearts and souls, investigating why is it so hard for people to resist new things even when we know we already have too much.

Season 35, Episode 19 - In Her Corner

3.0 63 x
Three young Muslim women from southwest Sydney navigate their connections to family, faith and community, framed around their shared pursuit of competitive boxing.