Season 32

Season 32, Episode 35 - Divine Rhythms

4.0 3 x
Three artists share their passion as they write and rehearse original material for The Sacred Music Festival that celebrates the religious and cultural diversity of Greater Western Sydney.
Season 33

Season 33, Episode 3 - Leagueability

4.0 12 x
A heart-warming, inspirational story about a bunch of young blokes who live for the game but have never been allowed to play and start a physical disability rugby league competition in regional Australia.
Season 34

Season 34, Episode 11 - Bill Crews V Coronavirus

4.0 5 x
As coronavirus threatens delivery of services to the disadvantaged, Compass follows Bill Crews, his staff and volunteers as they fight to keep the Exodus Foundation's doors open for their guests in-the-midst of the pandemic.
Season 33

Season 33, Episode 6 - Future Now

3.0 1 x
The son of an evangelical pastor, Future fled the Congo as an orphan stowaway. After eight years in a camp he was accepted as a refugee in Australia, has studied electrical engineering and released two gospel rap albums.
Season 34

Season 34, Episode 22 - A Pilgrimage Into Tibet

3.0 21 x
Nine ordinary Australians trek into Tibet to make the pilgrimage around Kailash Mountain for Saga Dawa, the holiest day of the Buddhist calendar.

Season 34, Episode 18 (Truth Telling)

3.0 21 x
An Indigenous women's organisation in Nowra challenges the landscape of continued colonisation through straight talking cultural workshops that confront white privilege head-on and leave participants deeply changed.

Season 34, Episode 12 (Faithfully Me)

2.5 33 x
This story follows Jo Inkpin, Australia's only openly transgender priest, and Rhett Pearson a transgender man, as they embark on their own individual quests to reconcile their true identities and their faith.

Season 34, Episode 4 (Perfect Match)

3.0 10 x
Increasing numbers of older people are living alone, while students and low income earners are finding it hard to find places to live as rents soar. Compass follows people taking first steps to match and hopefully hit it off.

Season 34, Episode 25 (Recorder Queen)

4.0 56 x
Audio Described (AD). A journey to explore the nature of virtuosity with Australian recorder virtuoso Genevieve Lacey. Where does it come from and how do you continue to access the divine spark once you've seen it? (Final)

Season 34, Episode 24 (Sacred Space - Tom Keneally)

4.0 61 x
Audio Described (AD). Geraldine Doogue seeks powerful connection with prominent Aussies. Prolific author Tom Keneally reveals his close relationship with people long dead & the place they're buried at Sydney's North Head.