Season 30, Episode 34 (Mum's Boy, Dad's Girl (part 2))

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Jane Caro follows the joy & struggle of being a child, combined wiith the demands of raising a child & the pressure of domesticity & external forces as our five families courageously step up to life's challenges.

Season 30, Episode 33 (Mum's Boy, Dad's Girl (part 1))

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In this 4-part special, Jane Caro delves into the fascinating world of parenting, specifically the bond between fathers & daughters plus mothers & sons. We meet the five families, each one sharing their unique story.

Prison Chaplains

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Part one goes inside Cessnock and John Moroney Correctional Centres in NSW where two very different chaplains help offenders meet the challenges of incarceration and find meaning in their lives. #ABCcompass

Season 29, Episode 32

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Jane Caro explores the secret to successful long term relationships. Our couple's relationships have stood the test of time with their bonds intact. But the reality is that one of you will die before the other.

Season 30, Episode 16 (Auburn Giants)

3.0 1 x
When Amna Karra-Hassan played her first game of Aussie Rules football she was hooked. She convinced friends to start training with her & form a women's team. Five years later the Auburn Giants are top of the ladder.
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