Connor Undercover

Full episodes

Series 2 Episode 26 See You There

2.0 285 x
Connor is just one final test away from being accepted to Camp X Spy Academy. Ed, Gisela's bodyguard is making 'normal teen life' anything but normal for her with his embarrassing attempts to watch her undercover at school.

Series 2 Episode 25 If You Could Read My Mind

3.0 192 x
Uncomfortably close to Gisela at a safe house far from home in Cordoba, Connor finds his secret spying a wee bit difficult to keep secret - which is how he and Gisela both manage to spy their way right into the enemy lair!

Series 2 Episode 24 Home Scary Home

4.0 272 x
A holiday in Cordoba takes a dangerous turn when Connor discovers the enemy's lair. Gisela tries to have fun in the sun, but soon discovers that Connor is in trouble.

Series 2 Episode 23 The Pod Couple

3.5 147 x
While Connor and Gisela fight over the fate of one of Gisela's most prized - but most dangerous possessions, competition and trickery soon take a back seat to a much bigger problem - a threat coming from inside the house!

Series 2 Episode 22 The Eye Of Cordoba

3.0 110 x
With an escaped enemy agent on the loose, Connor's got his hands too full to worry about Gisela lovelife - or lack thereof. Meanwhile, Ty and Mom join forces to rid the family of Dad's awful sweat pants.
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