February 2015

S1 Ep10

Expired 4.0 238 x
Totally discouraged, Jana succumbs to the temptation of an escape attempt. At the NIIZA Jokke does her utmost to reveal the full truth about the virus. (Season Final) (Ep.10) #cordon

S1 Ep9

Expired 4.0 190 x
After a brutal raid on the lab, Jana wants to get away even more than before. Having just given birth, Ineke wants to get her baby out of the cordon as quickly as possible. And then, opportunity knocks: Lex and Gryspeerts receive confirmation that Lommers and Cannaerts have been lying about the cordon. But Lommers strikes back. (S.1,Ep.9) (From Belgium, in Dutch) (Drama Series) M

S1 Ep8

Expired 4.0 125 x
Lex and a fellow officer, Nald, try to corner a suspected mole on their team, but the investigation takes a wrong turn. Eager to find out what Lommers is concealing, Lex breaks into her office: but what he finds out about the cordon is so explosive that even Gryspeerts shrinks from making it public. Jokke sends a heavily pregnant woman, Ineke, to Jana's safe lab. But Ineke's tough friends join her and they have quite different plans for the lab. (Ep.8) (From Belgium, in Dutch) (Drama Series) M

S1 Ep7

Expired 4.0 150 x
At Jana's office, the atmosphere grows tense and grim: Jana wants to get away at any cost. After Lex finds evidence of an escape attempt, the crisis center goes into emergency mode, causing Lommers to get anxious. Meanwhile, Gryspeerts receives threats during his search for the cause of the contagion. And Miss Katja fears that she got contaminated during an incident on a bus. But Jokke is hopeful: three experimental vaccines are being developed. (S.1,Ep.7) (From Belgium, in Dutch) (Drama Series...

S1 Ep6

Expired 3.8 125 x
The terror theory leads to riots. After withheld surveillance camera images confirm his allegations, Gryspeerts manages to convince Lex that the government is not telling the whole truth. In the streets, Jana and a friend are attacked by hooligans. And a delirious woman hurls herself at one of Katja's pupils, triggering a series of rash actions. Meanwhile, Cannaerts successfully tests a vaccine. (From Belgium) (S.1 Ep, 6) (Drama Series) M (V, A, L)

S1 Ep5

Expired 4.3 153 x
As standards of civilization start blurring, Lex thwarts a few escape attempts organized from outside. The actions prompt Lommers to paralyze mobile phone and Internet communications. Jokke notices that criminals are taking over the distribution of food, but he is powerless to prevent the problem. Gryspeerts blogs that the virus may have been released as an act of terror. And Jana discovers that her protected floor is not as safe as she thought. (From Belgium) (S, 1 Ep, 5) (Drama Series) M (V, ...

S1 Ep4

Expired 3.8 185 x
The centre of Antwerp is sealed off from the outside world when a contagious and deadly virus spreads like wildfire. Miss Katja is shattered by the death of a student, and people get contaminated during food riots. (S,1 Ep, 4) (From Belgium) (Drama series) M (V, A, L)

S1 Ep3

Expired 4.5 230 x
The centre of Antwerp is sealed off from the outside world when a contagious and deadly virus spreads like wildfire. The quarantine has been prolonged, and one of Miss Katja's children starts to show worrying symptoms. (S,1 Ep, 3) (From Belgium) (Drama series) M (V, A, L)
January 2015

S1 Ep2

Expired 3.5 217 x
For Lex, the implementation of the cordon passes without much mishap. The people who are being put in quarantine for 48 hours react the Belgian way: managing on their own and complaining about the government. Jana's colleagues even throw a party, unaware of what is being decided over their heads at the crisis center, where an official, Lommers, pulls the strings. Miss Katja wonders if her class will have to stay at the NIIZA (National Institute for Contagious Diseases). (Ep.2) (From Belgium, in...

S1 Ep1

Expired 4.3 372 x
After a virus outbreak in the Antwerp National Institute for Contagious Diseases, the goverment decides to lock the people who might be affected by placing a wall around the centre. (Ep.1) #sbs2