Costa's Garden Odyssey

March 2015

S2 Ep12

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Costa travels to central Victoria to find out what type of plants and gardens can withstand extreme temperatures. He discovers which plants work in a garden that hasn't been watered for eight months; then wades through an aromatic lavender farm. At the other end of the spectrum, weeds also thrive in dry climates and are ac...


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Tonight, Costa explores how gardens mean different things to different people. For some cacti are habit forming, while others are passionate about chemical free vegetables and herbs. The Mizaan volunteers put their Islamic faith behind a bush regeneration project in Sydney's south west. And a lot of work has been done at t...

S2 Ep10

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Costa travels to Far North Queensland to search for exotic plants in the tropical rainforest and to see how a community garden is helping a group of disadvantaged and migrant kids get a fresh start in life. He also visits a hydroponic herb farm to learn the secrets of growing plants and herbs without soil and how easily th...
February 2015

S2 Ep9

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Costa talks to the locals of Railton, Tasmania to learn more about topiary and how to trim shrubs into magical shapes. He then visits two boutique farmers who have unlocked the horticultural secrets to growing ginseng and truffles. The Tembeleski's backyard is taking shape and Costa plants fruit trees to add to the mix of ...

Series2 Ep8

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Costa is in Kinglake, an area that was devastated following Victoria's 2009 bush fires. He visits the Kinglake National Park where some of the world's tallest and oldest eucalypt trees are regenerating and he helps to install a community garden for the Kinglake residents. After all the planning, design and construction of ...

Series 2 Ep7

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Costa visits a biodynamic farmer, an organic produce farmer and samples the local wine in Orange to understand why this region is gaining a reputation for growing some of the finest wines in Australia. He builds a playground for the new residents of the Tembeleski household - the chickens! And he shows us how to construct ...

Series 2 Ep 6

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Costa visits Melbourne's Kevin Heinze Garden Centre where people with disabilities get their hands in the dirt, do something physical and experience the sensory delights of the space. It's a space where people can see, hear, touch. (Commissioned by SBS in English) (Entertainment Series) (Part 6 of 13) G CC WS
January 2015

Series 2 Ep 5

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Tonight, Costa explores the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, a place that has a long history as a community garden. Taking some inspiration he builds a bush tucker garden at Alexandria Park Community School in Sydney with the help of some of its pupils. And, in the Backyard Revolution it's paving day at the Tembeleski's ho...

Series 2 Ep 4

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Costa visits the Cowra Japanese Garden, built to commemorate the Cowra Breakout. Here he explores how to create a balance between trees, rocks and water to make a tranquil sanctuary - something he incorporates into a suburban makeover. While in Cowra, he also finds out the principles of Shinto farming where growing crops ...

Series 2 Ep 3

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On a pilgrimage to reconnect with his childhood passion for cherries, Costa visits Young in NSW during its annual cherry festival and investigates why these fruit do so well in the region. He discovers that Young is a land of opportunity, offering the ideal environment for a range of plants and produce. And in the Backyard...