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Season 2022

Season 2022, Episode 6 - Are Private Schools Better?

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Is there a difference between public and private schools in Australia? Courtney Act and Shane Jenek debate whether private schools are worth the higher fees, and are public schools getting the short end of the funding stick.

Season 2022, Episode 2 - Why Don't We Hear About 'tax Bludgers'?

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Why do we feel differently towards people on unemployment benefits than people who avoid tax? Courtney Act and Shane Jenek examine the origins of the 'dole bludger' and whether you can even compare them to the 'tax bludger'.

Season 2022, Episode 5 - Are Vegans Right?

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What impact are our food systems having on the planet? Courtney Act and Shane Jenek discuss the environmental and health impacts of veganism, vegetarianism - plus whether we should all just be flexitarians.

Season 2022, Episode 4 - Do Quotas Work?

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What's the best way to increase diversity in leadership positions in Australia? Courtney Act and Shane Jenek ask whether the people pushing quotas are onto something.

Season 2022, Episode 3 - What's The Best Exercise?

3.0 18 x
Ever been told you're exercising wrong? Courtney Act and Shane Jenek have - so they travel down a fitspo rabbit hole to determine the best way to get your blood pumping.

Season 2022, Episode 1 - Is Recycling Worth It?

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We've long been told recycling is needed to help save the planet, but do the economics really stack up? Courtney and Shane explore the complex world of recycling, it's more than just putting your trash in the correct bin.