Rosemary Valadon

4.0 12 x
Rosemary Valadon: A Sensual World looks at the art and influences of an a multi award-winning Australian painter whose work has reinterpreted a distinctly Australian femininity and domestic aesthetic.
Episodes 2017

Roger Swainston

3.0 72 x
For six weeks every year Roger Swainston painstakingly produces detailed drawings of life beneath the sea. This documentary follows his process, exploring the line between art and science. (Final)

Robert Mcfarlane

3.0 70 x
As part of a new season of Creatives, 'Robert McFarlane: The Still Point' surveys the life's work of one of Australia's most respected and pioneering documentary photographers.

Russell Ord

4.0 45 x
Features internationally renowned surf photographer Russell Ord, who has built a reputation for capturing incredible images of surfers on massive waves. Russell is a man on a quest - seeking one perfect shot.

Jill Bilcock

3.0 58 x
A new season of Creatives begins with a look at the life of Jill Bilcock, one of the world's leading film artists & Academy award nominated film editor. With commentary by Cate Blanchett, Baz Luhrmann & Rachel Griffiths.

Patricia Piccinini

3.0 56 x
A portrait of world-renowned Australian artist Patricia Piccinini, famous for her bizarre creatures. See a pivotal moment as she creates a new body of work including Skywhale - a massive hot air balloon.
Episodes 2016

John Bell

3.0 25 x
In the final Creatives, Award-winning filmmaker Simon Target follows 75-year-old John Bell during his final year at Bell Shakespeare, the national theatre company he founded, in this poignant & thoughtful documentary.

Michelle Ryan

3.0 240 x
Follows the dramatic events in the life of talented Australian dancer, Michelle Ryan, who danced for Meryl Tankard's Australian Dance Theatre, famed for its ground-breaking choreography.

Kev Carmody

3.0 58 x
This biographical series features four highly talented Australian artists from the fields of theatre, music, art and dance, who have each made significant contributions to the cultural life of this country.