June 2017

Season 2, Episode 80

3.0 4 x
A little crocodile receives a letter this morning and learns to talk to his distant friends using a computer made by Molly.

Season 2, Episode 79

3.0 7 x
If it's black and white you'll find it in the Magic Kitchen today. Truffle makes a perky panda and Molly makes a zebra puppet.

Season 2, Episode 78

3.0 11 x
Flower boxes, mail boxes, tool boxes. How much fun can you have with a box. Join the trio to find out.

Season 2, Episode 77

4.0 16 x
It's feet first in the Crcoamole Kitchen today. Truffle dresses up in lots of different shoes and Croc has to deal with his smelly feet!

Season 2, Episode 76

3.0 5 x
If you go in to the Magic Kitchen today you'll find fluffy lions and pussy cats and Truffle meets a real tiger.

Season 2, Episode 75

3.0 10 x
First things first in the Crocamole Kitchen today when Croc meets the Number 1 and Truffle makes a 1st place medal.

Season 2, Episode 74

4.0 8 x
What can you make out of a triangle? Join Molly, Croc and Truffle as they make a witch, a boat and even a pinata!

Season 2, Episode 73

3.0 11 x
There's elephants in the Crocamole Kitchen today. The trio sing an elephant rap and Croc meets the Three Blind Mice.

Season 2, Episode 72

4.0 12 x
Look up in the sky and what do you see? Clouds, kites, planets and rockets, you can find them all in the Crocamole Kitchen today.

Season 2, Episode 71

4.0 5 x
What makes you special? Is it your face or maybe your name? Truffle, Croc and Molly find out today.