May 2018

Season 2, Episode 137

3.0 13 x
The Magic Kitchen is full of balloons today. We make a a chocolate balloon bowl and a little balloon buddy.

Season 2, Episode 136

3.0 15 x
It's a noisy day in the Magic Kitchen today. Truffle makes a noisy car and Molly and Croc make some Click Clack Crickets.

Season 2, Episode 135

4.0 10 x
Take a curious little crocodile, add a touch of magic, sprinkle in some music and fun, mix in an environment of creative interactivity and you've got a recipe for a creative cooking adventure.

Season 2, Episode 134

3.0 5 x
Do you wear a hat or a bike helmet or a beanie? The Magic Kitchen is full of hats today. Come and find one that fits.

Season 2, Episode 133

3.0 12 x
Do you have a rock collection or maybe a teddy collection. Visit the Magic Kitchen and see what our trio like to collect.

Season 2, Episode 132

3.0 9 x
Can you jump and run? Today the trio see what their bodies can do and Molly and Croc make some pretty funny animals.

Season 2, Episode 131

3.0 16 x
It's watermelon day! Truffle turns a watermelon in to a pizza and Molly and Croc make a melon farm.

Season 2, Episode 130

4.0 9 x
It's building day in the Magic Kitchen today. Truffle makes a house on a plate and we visit Croc's cubby.

Season 2, Episode 129

4.0 10 x
The trio are having a whale of a time today! See Truffle make a splishy, splashy whale and hear Croc sing like a whale.

Season 2, Episode 128

4.0 13 x
What are your favourite things? Join the trio today and discover Croc, Molly and Truffle's favourite things!