Cutthroat Kitchen


Season 13 Episode 1 - Superhero Sabotage

3.0 2 x
In a special superhero episode, three chefs have to dress up as Cutthroat Kitchen superheroes as they make hero sandwiches. Then, one chef flies through the kitchen as he makes a gyro. Finally, one chef makes their superfood dessert on their own fla...

Season 14 Episode 13 - A Very Cutthroat Christmas

3.0 4 x
In a special holiday episode, three chefs have to swap stations every time a bell rings as they make their favourite family holiday meals. Then, one chef has to run down the stairs to get presents full of ingredients for their feast of fishes dish. ...

Season 14 Episode 12 - Hold Me Closer, Fire Dancer

4.0 5 x
Three chefs have to make their shepherd's pie as they work together in a "coat of arms". Then one chef has to prep their Hawaiian barbecue dish inside a shark's mouth. Finally one chef has to do a 'lemonade stand' as they make their lemon bars.

Season 14 Episode 11 - Fowl Play

3.5 6 x
In a special Thanksgiving episode, three family teams have to make their Thanksgiving dinner in a crowded kitchen, Then one team has to make a leftover turkey dish with ingredients from a giant cranberry mold, Finally, one team has to keep balloon f...

Season 14 Episode 10 - How Does That Crab Ya?

3.0 5 x
One chef has to make their nachos on a metal pan then two chefs have to make their crab melt in a rocking crab boat. Finally, one chef has to play flip cup as they make their filled cupcakes.
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