Cutthroat Kitchen


Season 13 Episode 13 - Do You Really Wonton Hurt Me?

4.0 12 x
Two chefs have to prep their popcorn dish in a giant bucket of popcorn. Then, one chef has to harvest their wonton soup ingredients from a ton of soup that Alton won. Finally, one chef gets caught in the rain as they make their pina colada dessert. ...

Season 13 Episode 12 - Bear Force One

3.0 5 x
Three chefs have to become eggs-treme as they make frittatas. Then, two chefs have to make sesame noodles in the middle of a ping pong match. Finally, one chef has to make bear claws while being hugged by Bob the Bear.

Season 13 Episode 11 - Mission Impastable

4.0 10 x
As they make breakfast to go, two chefs have to prep on a table that's moving around the kitchen. Then, one chef has to crawl through a laser maze as they make baked pasta. Finally, one chef has to ride around on a chairlift as they make linzer cook...

Season 13 Episode 10 - Obi-Wan Cannoli

4.0 9 x
The chefs play freeze tag in the kitchen as they make grilled cheese and tomato soup, then one chef must wear a moose head as they make moussaka. Finally, one chef has to crawl through a giant cannoli as they make a cannoli.

Season 13 Episode 9 - I Ain't Afraid Of No Toast

4.0 12 x
Three chefs have to make a toast while making a toast dish, then two chefs have to battle it out with giant shish kebabs for their choice of shish kebab meat. Finally, one chef has to hopscotch around the kitchen as they make a butterscotch dessert.
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