Cutthroat Kitchen

June 2019

13. Tongue Thai-ed

Expired 4.8 375 x
One chef gets a helping hand from a Buddha. Then, two chefs help each other out by shopping for each other.

12. Chili'd To The Bone

3.3 138 x
A chef is forced to use a freezer-burnt ingredient when preparing a chili-cheese dog.

11. Superhero Sabotage

4.0 81 x
Sabotages involve a phone booth, a 1970s-era living room, and riding a bike.

10. When In Rome, Cook On A Scooter

4.0 72 x
A chef is forced to cook while riding a scooter, and a casserole is made while paying tribute to the typical 1950s housewife.
May 2019

9. Two Chefs, One Toga

4.5 34 x
One chef must make a lobster roll using a roll submerged in a lobster tank, and a chef is given a rather unusual chocolate platter for their chocolate cake.

8. The Eggs-Orcist

4.0 21 x
One chef must make a lobster roll, using a roll submerged in a lobster tank. Also, an unusual chocolate platter is presented during a cake challenge.

7. Ho-Ley Pot

4.0 34 x
A chef must use a single-brew coffee machine when making soup.

6. I Like My Peppers Pulverized

3.0 29 x
A Cuban sandwich must be made using a cigar cutter. Also, two chefs are forced to work in a very confined space.

5. Welcome To The Jungle

3.0 49 x
A jungle torch is used to cook a dish, and an oversized fondue pot leads to a giant mess.
April 2019

4. Anything But A Cake Walk

4.0 26 x
Steak is cooked over a romantic candlelit dinner, one chef is stuck with a giant whisk as their only tool, and another competitor is forced to make a cake while walking on cake boxes.