Dalziel And Pascoe


Ep 8 Truth and Consequences (Part 2)

4.0 45 x
Video 'Ep 8 Truth and Consequences (Part 2)' of the TV-show Dalziel And Pascoe was broadcasted by GEM on Wednesday 2 November 2016 at 2:04.

Ep 7 Truth and Consequences (Part 1)

3.0 36 x
When the excavation at a construction site unearths a skeleton, Det. Supt. Dalziel and DI Pascoe have a murder to solve. The construction is at an abandoned coal mine that was the site of a major incident during the coal miner's strike in 1984.

Ep 3 Home Truths (Part 1)

3.0 79 x
Two detectives, complete opposites, are thrown together as partners. Although they get on each-others nerves and are in constant agreement, it's these differences that make them a stunningly brilliant crime-solving team.

Ep 2 Walls of Silence (Part 2)

3.0 78 x
The murder of a young Asian woman brings Dalziel and Pascoe into the inner city right in the middle of a racially sensitive situation.

Ep 1 Walls of Silence (Part One)

3.0 77 x
Dalziel and Pascoe investigate a suspicious death when 16 year-old Alec Jordan is found dead, floating in a lake. The post-mortem reveals a low level of alcohol in his system, but a high level of a tranquilizer known as ruffies, the date rape dru
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