Dan Snow's History Of Railways

June 2016

S1 Ep3 - Global Rail Empire

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Global Rail Empire - In just fifty years, Britain's railways had grown from a handful of small lines carrying coal, to the biggest industry in the strongest nation on the planet. A nation had built the railways; now those railways would build a nation - influencing working conditions for its employees, proving a valuable export across the globe - they even changed the way we waged war. But the story of railways until the beginning of the Second World War concerned who they really belonged to - ...

S1 Ep2 - Full Steam Ahead

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Full Steam Ahead - In the late 1830's the railways arrived in London and linked the capital to Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. This was the start of a truly national network - and one of the greatest civil engineering projects in history. The spread of the railways triggered a mania across Britain with many winners and losers. However as Dan Snow reveals, the legacy of the mania was an incredible rail network for 19th century Britain and a revolution in the way people lived. (Part 2 of 3)...
July 2015

S1 Ep1 - Gathering Momentum

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Gathering Momentum - In 19th century Britain there was an eruption of engineering enterprise and financial ambition that gives the pyramids a run for their money as one of the most ambitious construction projects ever attempted. In this fascinating three part series Dan Snow reveals how the making of the British railway network had a colossal impact on Britain and left a breathtaking impression on the world. Dan unearths how the coming of rail was much more than a heartwarming story of engineer...