Dancing Cheek To Cheek


S1 Ep3 - The Shock Of The New

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The Shock of the New - Len Goodman and Lucy Worsley discover how the first few decades of the 20th century witnessed the most rapid and revolutionary change in the history of British dance. The bold new sound of ragtime music arrived on our shores from America and paved the way for wave after wave of new dances that would ...

S1 Ep2 - Revolution On The Dance Floor

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Revolution on the Dance Floor - The industrial revolution changed the way ordinary people danced and at Queen Street Mill in Burnley, Len Goodman uncovers the fascinating story of how factory workers developed clog dancing to imitate the sounds and rhythms of the machinery they used. Lucy Worsley discovers how upper-class ...

S1 Ep1 - The Devil's Work?

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​Historian and curator Lucy Worsley and Strictly Come Dancing star Len Goodman, take to the floor to reveal the untold story of British dance. This three part series offers a fascinating insight into British society, exploring how the nation’s love of dance has always been more than just mastering the moves and feeling the...