Dancing King: Man In The Mirror


Series 1 Episode 6

3.0 88 x
After the amazing success of his Michael Jackson musical tribute, Man in the Mirror, millionaire producer David King reflects on what the venture has cost him and how vital it is that someone is as crazy and brave as him.

Series 1 Episode 5

3.0 67 x
Nerves, tempers and last-minute panic threaten to derail the Michael Jackson musical homage the cast have worked so hard for. Producer David King is not helping by fiddling and changing things.

Series 1 Episode 4

3.0 65 x
Tension and rebellion in the rehearsals bring some disastrous news for the show, but vocal coach Eddie proves a show saver.

Series 1 Episode 3 Post Watershed

3.0 55 x
Stage musical genius David King delays rehearsals for the Michael Jackson homage show and orders new auditions for a young Michael and the lead female singer.

Series 1 Episode 2

3.0 81 x
British stage musical maestro David King flies to New York to audition for the right look and sound for his homage to Michael Jackson, but the talent is disappointing, until...

Series 1 Episode 1

3.0 93 x
British mega musical producer David King is putting together a homage to Michael Jackson and wants to scour the cream of London talent hopefuls for the lead role.