David Attenborough


Natural Curiosities - S3 Ep. 6

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Some animals can do the seemingly impossible. Salamanders can regenerate entire legs and tails to replace ones they've lost, while deer shed their massive antlers and regrow them each year.

Natural Curiosities - S3 Ep. 5

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David Attenborough examines more creatures that have fascinated us for centuries, looking into surprising preventive and curative 'medicine' developed by certain species.

Natural Curiosities - S3 Ep. 3

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Sir David examines myth & truth about the camel's capacity to function without water for long periods. Also, witness the Amazonian anaconda & African python devour prey far larger than themselves.

Natural Curiosities - S3 Ep. 4

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Video 'Natural Curiosities - S3 Ep. 4' of the TV-show David Attenborough was broadcasted by Ten on Thursday 10 November 2016 at 23:37.

Natural Curiosities - S3 Ep. 0

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Sir David presents remarkable cases of diet adaptation in two species. Firstly, the blue whale, whose body sifts & consumes plankton and the flamingos unusual eating technique.
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