David Starkey's Music And Monarchy


Ep4 - Reinventions

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In this final episode, Dr David Starkey's exploration of how the monarchy shaped the story of British music concludes with the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Starkey hears music written by Queen Victoria's beloved Albert, Prince Consort – played for him (by David Owen Norris) in Buckingham Palace, on a lavish golden piano the pair Victoria and Albert bought together. There are also specially recorded performances from St Paul's Cathedral Choir and Westminster Abbey, and of works by Felix M...

Ep3 - Great British Music

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Great British Music - Dr David Starkey's exploration of how the monarchy shaped Britain's music reaches the 18th century, when Great Britain became a dominant military and economic power, and the century which brought us patriotic classics such as God Save the King - the world's first national anthem - and Rule Britannia. Yet this was a time when the monarchy had never been more fragile, having lost much of its political and religious power and imported its ruling house from abroad. The supreme...

Ep2 - Revolutions

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Revolutions - Dr David Starkey's exploration of how the monarchy shaped Britain's music reaches the 17th century, when religious conflict threatened not only the lives of musicians and monarchs, but the future of the monarchy and the glorious tradition of British music itself. And yet, in the midst of this upheaval, royalty presided over a series of musical breakthroughs. Westminster Abbey choir sing some of the earliest surviving music to be heard at British coronations, the Band of the Life G...

Ep1 - Crown And Choir

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Crown And Choir - In this new series, renowned historian Dr David Starkey reveals how the story of British music was shaped by its monarchy. While exploring what the monarchy has done for music, David Starkey also shows what music has done for the monarchy. In this first episode he begins with kings who were also composers - Henry V and Henry VIII - and the “golden age” of English music they presided over. He discovers how the military and religious ambitions of England’s monarchy made its mus...