DCI Banks

DCI Banks catch up

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1 - To Burn in Every Drop of Blood

4.0 97 x
When the body of a drug dealer is found at Sian Hudson's forest shrine, DCI Banks is called to investigate and is dragged into the world of organized crime.

Episode 1 (Strange Affair)

3.0 83 x
Banks' very own brother is under suspicion for murder./Banks visits his childhood home to tell his parents about Roy.

Season 5, Episode 2 (To Burn In Every Drop Of Blood (part 2))

4.5 92 x
When a woman commits suicide, her grieving father relies on violence to procure answers as he investigates his daughter's death. She left a note confessing to Damon Horsley's murder, but Banks is suspicious.

Episode 5 (Ghosts (Part 1))

3.0 98 x
The body of undergraduate Josh Tate is found in a ravine, stabbed with a screwdriver; as the team investigate, a picture of another Josh emerges.

Episode 3 (Bad Boy)

4.3 68 x
Banks' old neighbor discovers a gun in her teenage daughter's bedroom; Helen convinces him to lead a firearms team to retrieve the weapon.

Episode 2 (Piece of My Heart)

4.0 51 x
Banks and his team face an overwhelming number of leads when investigative journalist Matt Barber is found dead in a remote village.

Season 5, Episode 4 (A Little Bit Of Heart (part 2))

4.0 175 x
The team is thrown when a recently rescued kidnap victim is found murdered, with evidence suggesting a local protection gang is to blame.

Episode 1 (Wednesday's Child)

3.0 63 x
Claiming to be social workers, a man and a woman come to Katy Heath's house and tell her that they need to take away her son, Kyle; When the body of 11 year old Andre Petri is found on the moors, Bank and his team investigate the murder.

Episode 3 (Innocent Graves)

4.0 34 x
The murder of teenager from a wealthy family has Banks and the team looking at every possibility to solve the case./Just when the case was gathering momentum Owen Pierce's trial collapses leaving Banks and his team back at square one.

Season 5, Episode 5 (Undertow (part 1))

4.0 100 x
Banks and the team begin the painful job of finding out exactly who was responsible for the incident that has affected all their lives. Banks' obsession with nailing crime boss Steve Richards sends him over the edge.