DCI Banks


Season 4, Episode 5 (Ghosts (part 1))

3.0 23 x
When the body of student Josh Tate is found dumped in a ravine, the investigation into his stabbing uncovers a very different man to the quiet character described by his flatmate Spencer.

Season 4, Episode 3 (Buried (part 1))

3.0 20 x
When the body of eminent lawyer Anaan Kamel is found washed up by an underground river, suspicion falls on Marcus Layton, a former employee of the victim's chambers who was recently fired by her husband Raheel.

Season 4, Episode 2 (What Will Survive (part 2))

3.0 24 x
The officers are dismayed to learn the arson attack on the Osgoods' house has injured Michael and killed his son Robbie, and local bully Gary McCready is soon questioned.

Season 4, Episode 1 (What Will Survive (part 1))

1.5 75 x
When the detective suffers a personal loss, he's forced to navigate a complex murder case while grieving. A young Estonian woman has been found dead, with the evidence suggesting she was buried alive. (Series 4 ep 1)

Season 2, Episode 2 (Dry Bones That Dream)

4.0 28 x
DCI Alan Banks and DI Helen Morton must learn to reconcile their conflicting policing styles and personalities whilst trying to unravel the increasingly puzzling murder of an accountant who has been leading a double life.

Ep 8 Cold is The Grave (Part 2)

4.5 226 x
Ep 8 Cold is The Grave (Part 2) of DCI Banks was broadcast by GEM on Wednesday 4 January 2017 at 23:34.
Episodes 2016

Ep 7 "Cold Is The Grave" (Part 1)

4.5 104 x
A case terrifyingly close to home occurs as Banks is asked by his boss to find his missing teenage daughter.

Ep 6 Friend of The Devil (Part 2)

2.0 111 x
The team is in shock after one of their own is killed. They deduce he was acting as a vigilante patrolling the alleys to prevent further murders but a witness who saw the murder believes he was out to harm her.

Ep 5 "Friend of The Devil" (Part 1)

3.0 126 x
A student is attacked in the middle of the city and in another part of Yorkshire a woman has her throat cut, but the two different murders have disturbing similarities.

Ep 4 "Playing With Fire" (Part 2)

3.0 78 x
Banks gets a warning for hitting Aspen, after which more money and forgeries are found at the burnt out scene of McMahon's murder. Banks deduces that Gerry, Christina's girlfriend, is one of the forgers.