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S2 Ep1 - Blaine Milam 52:15

S2 Ep1 - Blaine Milam

Expired 3.0 9 x
Blaine Milam - Internationally renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog embarks on a dialogue with death-row prisoners and lets them express their views on life and death. As Herzog looks deep into these individuals, their stories, and their crimes, his penetrating journey into the human soul als...
S2 Ep4 - Darlie Routier 52:53

S2 Ep4 - Darlie Routier

Expired 3.0 103 x
Darlie Routier - Former cheerleader Darlie Routier had always been proud of her good looks, which helped her marry a wealthy man and live in luxury. But after giving birth to three sons, she felt that motherhood was ruining her looks and her life, and she blamed her children. In 1996, she...
S2 Ep3 - Douglas Feldmann 52:05

S2 Ep3 - Douglas Feldmann

Expired 3.5 56 x
Douglas Feldmann - On 24 August 1998, Douglas Feldman, then 40, was driving his Harley-Davidson in Plano when an 18-wheel truck passed him and suddenly pulled into his lane. Feldman then took out a 9mm pistol and fired several shots at the driver, killing him. Half an hour later, he drove...
S2 Ep2 - Robert Fratta 52:07

S2 Ep2 - Robert Fratta

Expired 3.0 115 x
Robert Fratta - Internationally renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog explores what it's like to face death by speaking to prisoners who are on death row. This episode Werner meets Robert Fratta, who was a public safety officer in Missouri City, Texas, but is now facing the death penalty for o...
S1 Ep4 - Linda Carty 49:55

S1 Ep4 - Linda Carty

Expired 3.0 286 x
Linda Carty - Internationally renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog embarks on a dialogue with prisoners on Texas' death row and lets them tell their stories. In this episode, Herzog talks to Linda Carty, one of only 10 women on death row in Texas. Carty was convicted of murdering 25 year old ...
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