Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist

March 2014

Episode 26 Hidden Assets

3.0 112 x
After the team is attacked by a swarm of Syrrus' mutation bugs, Dex confronts Syrrus in his hidden lair and finally discovers the truth behind his evil ways.

Episode 25 Star Flies With That?

3.0 110 x
When the team sets out to collect Star-Flies to power the Habitat's generator, they're taken hostage by a trio of eccentric space-pirates.

Episode 24 The Bog Squad

3.0 74 x
When Tung ends up infiltrating an evil amphibian gang of toad-men, he discovers their plot to invade the Habitat and kidnap one of Dex's prized insects.

Episode 23 Dex And The Whale

3.0 133 x
Dex and the team discover an entire world within the belly of a Whale Strider while engaged in a dogfight with the villainous Syrrus.

Episode 22 Seeds Of Destruction

4.0 162 x
Dex risks life and limb to save the Earth when it becomes overgrown with colossal alien flowers that block out the planet's sunlight and absorb all its water.

Episode 21 Say It Ain't So

3.0 83 x
When Dex discovers that his childhood hero, laser ball champion Bobby Blitz, is using performance-enhancing Anabolic Tar Slugs, he must find a way to stop him before the addiction becomes fatal.

Episode 20 Oh Snap!

3.0 98 x
The team is joined by Snap, a young boy with amazing powers - and a history with Dex's arch nemesis, Syrrus.
February 2014

Episode 19 The Return Of Winston Hamilton

3.0 100 x
When the team discovers a clue that may lead Dex to his long-lost father Winston Hamilton, they go to extreme lengths to pursue it.

Episode 18 The Long Journey Home

3.0 88 x
When Tung takes the team to visit his home planet of Swamp Star 46, he must assume a leadership role in protecting his village from a swarm of whip tail wasps.

Episode 17 The Black Widow

3.0 124 x
When Zap gets caught up with a strangely alluring punk rocker named The Black Widow, he begins neglecting his duties to the team.