Diff'rent Strokes

July 2016

Mon 11 Jul, season 8 episode 11

3.0 13 x
Drummond has 'insured' that Sam will have an unforgettable birthday party by arranging for a local television personality to be the main attraction.

Mon 11 Jul, season 8 episode 10

3.0 11 x
Arnold succumbs to peer pressure and boasts he went 'all the way' with his girlfriend, but his lie puts him in a more awkward position once the girl finds out about his claim to fame.

Sun 10 Jul, season 8 episode 9

3.0 3 x
Father and son are feuding over First Amendment rights when an outraged Arnold objects to a white supremacy organisation speaking at his high school.

Sun 10 Jul, season 8 episode 7

3.0 5 x
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar guest stars as a high school English teacher who gives Arnold a 'classic' punishment for 'goofing off' in class.

Sun 10 Jul, season 8 episode 8

3.0 7 x
Superstar saxophonist Clarence Clemons guest stars as a music instructor who 'backs up' Arnold after he claims to be an expert sax player in order to impress a girl.

Mon 4 Jul, season 7 episode 17

3.0 8 x
Sam is taken aback when he realises his new 'buddy' is a girl, but Mr Drummond is even more dumbfounded when the kids want to have a sleepover.

Mon 4 Jul, season 7 episode 18

3.0 15 x
When Arnold's rocket for his school project is accidentally set off and lands atop the Russian Embassy, the state department is led to suspect the Drummond's participation in foul play.

Sun 3 Jul, season 7 episode 14

3.0 7 x
When Sam visits a taping of The Sandy Squirrel Show he is overcome by the news his favourite television idol is about to be cancelled.

Sun 3 Jul, season 7 episode 15

3.0 9 x
The Drummonds are concerned when the normally lovable Sam battles with a cynical senior who rejects the Cub Scout's 'adopt a grandparent' program, leaving Sam with a tainted view of older people.

Sun 3 Jul, season 7 episode 16

3.0 13 x
Kimberly returns home from school in Paris to surprise Drummond on his birthday, prompting Arnold and Willis to try and match her special gift.
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