Digby Dragon

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 18 (I, Grumpier)

3.0 1 x
Grumpy decides to build a robot to help him with all his chores but the robot is even more grumpy than Grumpy and tries to take over Applecross.

Season 2, Episode 26 - Young Albert

3.0 11 x
Digby is frustrated that he is unable to conquer sheer rock, so when he discovers that Albert climbed to the peak in his youth, he convinces the old badger to help him get to the top.

Season 2, Episode 25 - The Fairy Ring

4.0 7 x
Digby ignores Fizzy's warning and enters a Fairy Ring in order to retrieve a lost coneball. It turns out Fizzy was wrong, it was actually a Gnome Circle and now gnomes are popping up wherever Digby walks!

Season 2, Episode 24 - Super Snail

3.0 3 x
When an apparently heroic snail appears in Applecross Wood, Digby feels his status as local hero challenged.

Season 2, Episode 23 - Me, Myself & Grumpy

4.0 6 x
Grumpy is feeling left out so he invents some fictitious friends in an attempt to make Digby feel jealous but he then finds himself having to impersonate his made up companions.

Season 2, Episode 22 - Follow That Grizel

4.0 5 x
Grizel uses a magic tin whistle to become popular but soon learns that there's a difference between friends and fans.

Season 2, Episode 21 (The Automagic Xl Turbo)

4.3 6 x
Fizzy decides to get a super charged replacement wand but it's more powerful than she expected and she loses control!

Season 2, Episode 20 (Turnip Day)

4.5 6 x
Digby must get over his fear of turnips in order to make sure the right person wins the Applecross turnip carving competition.

Season 2, Episode 19 (Clear Out)

3.0 6 x
Chips gives Digby's old lava lamp to Grizel, not realising that it has sentimental value to Digby. When Grizel refuses to give the lamp back Digby takes extreme measures.

Season 2, Episode 16 (Grizel's Best Friend)

4.5 19 x
Grizel uses Fizzy's magic 'double dust' to create a copy of herself a new best friend but she soon learns that she's actually her own worst enemy.