Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives catch up

June 2019

11. From The Heart

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Guy's hittin' up some spots putting their heart and soul into everything they do. In Carlsbad, Calif., the family-owned Italian joint staying true to a long-standing ravioli recipe.

12. That's Fresh

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Guy's stopping by some joints that are keepin' it fresh. In San Francisco, the Venezuelan joint servin' up a totally gluten-free menu of authentic standbys like arepas and empanadas.

10. All San Diego, All The Time

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Guy's heading to San Diego for some favorites, old and new. In Ocean Beach, Calif., Guy's hittin' up a legendary surfer spot for some righteous burgers with an old buddy.

9. From Pound Cake To Pot Pie

3.0 15 x
Guy's pullin' in for a mishmash of comfort food. In Philadelphia, the low country joint dishing out unique North African chicken and sour cream pound cake.

7. A Festival Of Flavor

4.0 9 x
Guy's pullin' over for the bounty of the county. First up is Denver, the throwback bar going gangster on a short rib burger and a savory apple strudel.

8. Timeless Traditions

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Guy gets the lowdown on some longstanding traditions. In Philadelphia, the Jamaican joint going all out authentic with the jerk chicken.

5. Peppers, Pork And Poutine

4.0 17 x
Triple "D" goes triple "p" with some standout veggie and meat dishes. In Phoenix, the tattooed, trained chef putting her spin on chiles and a regional pork dish.

6. Kings And Queens Of 'Cue

4.0 23 x
Guy's meeting some masters of meat. In Compton, Calif., the Texas-inspired barbecue joint smokin' pork ribs and putting smoked turkey necks in the collard greens.
May 2019

3. Dynamic Duos

4.0 11 x
Guy's checkin' out the combos that make some local hangouts a hit. In Denver, the double-duty corner bar smoking pork for its biscuits and topping pizzas with the bounty of the county.

4. Traditional Gone Wild

3.0 13 x
Guy's digging into some dishes like mama made, if she had a wild imagination. In Philadelphia, a very special guest hits the kitchen with Guy for fried PB&Js and tacos.