Dino Dana

Dino Dana catch up

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 14 - Dino Sitter

3.0 50 x
Dana is trying to figure out how different dinos protect their eggs from hungry egg-eaters. Meanwhile, Saara wants to prove to Dad that she can baby-sit Dana and Dexter, which means helping Dana with her dino experiment.

Season 3, Episode 13 - Leader Of The Pack

3.0 35 x
When Dana's soccer team is outclassed by Riley's team, Dana and Coach Grandma work together to devise prehistoric strategies from the Smilodon and the Mammoth to win the game.

Season 3, Episode 12 - Dino Prints

4.0 21 x
Dana finds claw marks all over the driveway and tries to figure out what dinosaur could have made them. Meanwhile, Mum and Dad take a walk down memory lane that helps Dana realise which dinos did the clawing and why.
Season 2

Season 2, Episode 18

4.0 13 x
Dana is doing "Dino Experiment 624 - Why does the Baby Brachiosaurus eat so much?" while Saara is dealing with a pimple outbreak on her face, an early sign of growing up.

Season 2, Episode 17

4.7 16 x
When Dana, Saara and Uncle Ravi go go-karting together, Dana observes a Stygimoloch use speed, maneuverability and force to escape a pack of deadly Albertosaurus and uses the techniques to find ways to win on the track.

Season 2, Episode 16

3.0 29 x
Dana discovers the differences between dino babies and human babies when Mum's friend Ashley and her new baby Ben stop by for a visit.

Season 2, Episode 15

4.0 50 x
Dana uses her time at Grandma's farm with Grandma and Saara to conduct Dino Experiment 615: Who would win in a fight? Triceratops, Diabloceratops, or Kosmoceratops. It's the battle of the Ceratopsians!

Season 2, Episode 14

3.0 27 x
Dana is trying to stay up all night so she can do Dino Experiment 623 and figure out if any dinosaurs were nocturnal. Unfortunately, her dad has other plans and wants Dana to go to bed.

Season 2, Episode 13

4.0 17 x
Dana is at Grandma's farm just in time for Dino Experiment 625: What does it feel like to ride a Hippodraco?

Season 2, Episode 12

4.0 17 x
Dana is too busy doing a dino experiment about how Edmontosaurus take care of their babies to take care of Nixon but observing how the herd takes care of their baby provides Dana with some insights about her own family.