Do Or Die


May 26, 2023

12 x
It’s the two Isuzu UTE A-League sides whose bold backing of local youth has sensationally paid off, leaving them one win away from a Grand Final. A record home Central Coast Mariners crowd creates an electric atmosphere, in this rough-and-tumble encounter with Adelaide United. Coaches Nick Montgomery and Carl Veart ride ...
Episodes 2017

S1 Ep16 - Deadly Mudslide

Expired 89 x
Deadly Mudslide - On this episode of Do or Die, strive to stay alive when you get caught in a stampede of over-anxious shoppers. Escape from two snarling German Shepherds bent on tearing you to shreds. And think fast when a mudslide overtakes your car. Do you have what it takes to survive these Do or Die disasters? (From t...

S1 Ep15 - Fire In The Sky

Expired 75 x
Fire In The Sky - In this episode of Do or Die, brace for impact as a meteor explodes in the sky over a crowded city, unleashing a devastating shockwave. Try to save yourself after you fall into a dark hole in the canter of a collapsed building. And fight off a giant anaconda dead set on making you its next meal. Disaster ...

S1 Ep14 - Disaster On The High Seas

Expired 38 x
Disaster On The High Seas - On this episode of Do or Die, struggle to survive when a large and aggressive elephant seal attacks, threatening to send you to a watery grave. Dive headlong into a crisis when a huge yacht slams into your tour boat. And think fast or be crushed as your jeep rolls down a steep, rocky embankment....

S1 Ep13 - Frozen Lake

Expired 51 x
Frozen Lake - In this episode of Do or Die, try to pull yourself to safety when thin ice breaks and sends you into a freezing lake. Use your wits when a dozen dogs suddenly surround you on a remote country road. And strive to survive as a leisurely motorboat ride turns into a life-and-death struggle. At any time, you may h...

S1 Ep12 - Ice Highway Crisis

Expired 43 x
Ice Highway Crisis - On this episode of Do or Die, grab the wheel of a big rig as the truck slides out of control on deadly black ice. Avoid the crushing bite of a killer when you come face to face with a 250-pound American alligator. And dodge the pileup at the bottom when an escalators brakes fail and it speeds out of co...

S1 Ep11 - Antler Assault

Expired 133 x
Antler Assault - In this episode of Do or Die, fight for your life when an aggressive stag corners you in the park. Think fast when a giant glacier cracks and falls, sending a deadly wall of water rushing toward your boat. And brace for impact when a botched mountain bike jump leaves you plummeting from 80 feet in the air....

S1 Ep10 - Up In Flames

Expired 35 x
Up In Flames - In this episode of Do or Die, try to save yourself when an angry elephant mother attacks your car. Leap into action when a customer at a gas station inadvertently creates a spark and his clothing goes up in flames. And strive to avoid a steep fall when your snowmobile ends up perched on a crumbling ledge of ...

S1 Ep8 - Choking To Death

Expired 37 x
Choking To Death - On this episode of Do or Die, act fast to save a friend who chokes on a cupcake during an eating contest. Struggle to stay alive when a thrilling wing suit BASE jump takes a turn for the worst. And test your mettle against a killer fish when a thrashing, 600-pound marlin leaps into your yacht. You only h...

S1 Ep7 - A Gory End

Expired 38 x
A Gory End - On this episode of Do or Die, try to survive being trampled in Pamplona during the 'Running of the Bulls.' Battle to stay alive when swift, freezing water washes you down the Los Angeles river system. And strive to find safety as a massive 8.0 earthquake shakes an office building down around you. If you found ...

S1 Ep6 - Killer Tsunami

Expired 60 x
Killer Tsunami - On this episode of Do or Die, try to survive the rushing torrent of a tsunami from the driver’s seat of your car. Free a terrified victim locked in the jaws of the fiercest predator in the Arctic - a polar bear. And fight to stay alive after falling into a tree well - one of the deadliest traps a snowboard...

S1 Ep5 - Deadly Ocean Pull

Expired 34 x
Deadly Ocean Pull - On this episode of Do or Die, swim for your life as an ocean current sucks you down into the abyss. Escape from a burning five-story apartment building by hanging precariously from a window ledge. And take cover on the tracks as a thundering locomotive passes just inches above your head. Life comes at y...

S1 Ep4 - Disaster In The Sky

Expired 61 x
Disaster In The Sky - On this episode of Do or Die, hold tight as a skydiving accident makes you slip from your parachute harness as you plummet back to earth from 13,000 feet. Try to rescue a man after a motorcycle accident pins him under a burning car. And engage in arm-to-arm combat with an angry octopus that has one of...

S1 Ep3 - Deadly Rapids

Expired 45 x
Deadly Rapids - On this episode of Do or Die, free yourself from a deadly vortex that traps Dwildfire. And fall from the sky as a bizarre weather phenomenon sends your single-engine airplane plummeting to earth. Would you know how to survive these Do or Die moments? (S.1,Ep.3) (From the US) (Entertainment Series) (Rpt) PG

S1 Ep2 - Raging Bull

Expired 30 x
Raging Bull - On this episode of Do or Die, run for cover as an enraged fighting bull lunges into a crowd of spectators. See what happens when a stuck gas pedal propels a terrified woman down the road at nearly 120 miles per hour. And experience a vacation gone horribly wrong as a mammoth wave washes a pair of unsuspecting...

S1 Ep1 - Shark Attack!

Expired 21 x
In the first episode of Do or Die, jump in and fight off a cage-busting great white shark. Experience a snowmobiler’s worst nightmare as the snow beneath him turns into an unstoppable avalanche. And come face-to-face with a deadly rattler. Life comes at you fast! Would you know how to survive when it’s Do or Die? (S.1,Ep.1...
Episodes 2016

S1 Ep9 - Terrible Twister

Expired 27 x
Terrible Twister - On this episode of Do or Die, put yourself in the driver’s seat as a massive, swirling tornado charges toward your car. Survive a brutal surfing wipe-out when you’re hammered by a killer wave. And botch a dirt bike jump across an 80-foot chasm and walk away with only bruised heels. If you were forced to ...
Episodes 2015

Season 1, Episode 4 (Recruitment Agency)

111 x
Another day at the office just turned into a fight for survival. How resilient are you? Do you need to toughen up? Five inner city recruitment agents are about to discover the true meaning of a cutthroat environment. (Final)

Season 1, Episode 2 (Advertising Agency)

51 x
Another day at the office just turned into a fight for survival. From the big smoke, six cool creative geeks with some hidden problems are about to face a gruelling test of outback survival.

Season 1, Episode 1 (Real Estate Agency)

41 x
Another day at the office just turned into a fight for survival. Six workers (from an estate agency) who have some hidden problems, discover the true meaning of leadership, teamwork and honesty in a test of outback survival.