Documentaries: The World And Environment


The Boxing Day Tsunami

4.0 80 x
Witness the dramatic story of The 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami that killed more than 250,000 people in South East Asia, as researchers hear from survivors and explain how the killer tsunami happened.

Animal Armageddon - Episode 8: The Next Extinction

3.0 11 x
Could humans survive the next extinction event and what could this event be?

Animal Armageddon - Episode 7: Fire & Ice

4.0 15 x
What caused the Quaternary extinction event during the late Pleistocene some 75,000 years ago that killed off the giant mammals and almost made the early human race extinct?

Animal Armageddon - Episode 6: Strangled

3.0 18 x
What caused the Triassic extinction event 200 million years ago?

Animal Armageddon - Episode 5: The Great Dying

4.0 24 x
What caused the Permian extinction event, better known as the Great Dying, 250 million years ago, the Earth's most severe known extinction event?

Animal Armageddon - Episode 4: Panic In The Sky

4.0 16 x
KT extinction event. What was the last year of dinosaurs existence on Earth like?

Animal Armageddon - Episode 3: Doomsday

4.0 18 x
KT extinction event. What was it like on the fateful apocalyptic day 65 million years ago when the asteroid that led to the extinction of dinosaurs arrived and hit Earth?

Animal Armageddon - Episode 2: Hell On Earth

3.0 11 x
What caused the Devonian extinction event 370 million years ago, one of the five major extinction events in the history of Earth?

Animal Armageddon - Episode 1: Death Rays

3.0 16 x
What caused the Ordovician extinction event 450 million years ago, the second largest of the five major extinction events in Earth's history?

Dinosaurs Decoded

4.0 4 x
National Geographic reviews Jack Horner's research that juvenile dinosaurs looked sufficiently different from adults that they have sometimes been mistaken for a separate species.