Dog Loves Books

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 20 - Dog Loves Diggers

4.0 0 x
Dog and Pug are on a building site and they meet three Diggers - Big Digger, Bigger Digger and Tiny. The two big diggers look down on Tiny but she is the one who wants to do all the work.

Season 1, Episode 19 - Dog Loves Spelling

3.0 1 x
Dog and Pug visit a forest where witches are planning a great 'spelling' contest. Their friend Witch Willow needs their help. They give her several ways to show off her spelling skills.

Season 1, Episode 18 - Dog Loves Light Houses

4.0 1 x
Dog and Pug have a power cut in the bookshop. They want to know what it was like before electricity and they go to an old lighthouse. The light is about to go out before the keeper can return.

Season 1, Episode 17 - Dog Loves Mini Beasts

3.0 1 x
Dog and Pug go on an adventure where they shrink to insect size. They meet Granny Pug who is searching for a very rare Butterfly. After various scrapes with different tiny animals they manage to find the Butterfly.

Season 1, Episode 31 (Dog Loves Puzzles)

3.0 9 x
In their adventure, Dog and Pug meet Granny Pug who makes them solve three puzzles. We see Dog and Pug solving all Granny's puzzles, just in time. Dog comes back to the bookshop and solves his own problem.

Season 1, Episode 30 - Dog Loves Elephants

4.0 23 x
This adventure is all about size. Elephant and a mongoose cannot play together because they are two completely difference sizes. Dog and Pug solve the problem by helping them work together.

Season 1, Episode 29 - Dog Loves King Arthur And The Round Table

3.0 7 x
Dog and Pug visit King Arthur in his castle, where he and his knights shout at each other at their Long Table. With the help of Merlin the magician they change to a Round Table so they can hear each other speak.

Season 1, Episode 28 - Dog Loves Calm

4.0 16 x
Dog and Pug escape a very noisy Bookshop to find Granny Pug who is leading a mediation retreat. They try to find a peaceful spot but return to the bookshop where Dog can make some noise.

Season 1, Episode 27 - Dog Loves Fairy Tales

3.0 10 x
Dog and Pug meet Little Red Riding Hood and confuse the Big Bad Wolf by fooling him into chasing them and making him try to blow the Three Little Pigs brick house down.

Season 1, Episode 26 - Dog Loves Pyramids

4.0 11 x
Dog and Pug find Granny Pug by a pyramid. Unfortunately, they disturb two ancient Egyptian gods in the form of a cat and a dog. The gods try to chase our trio from the pyramid!