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S5 Ep5 - Thailand 45:45

S5 Ep5 - Thailand

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Thailand - In the season finale, Diego travels through the beautiful paradise of Thailand. The challenges Thailand faces run the gamut from saving the majestic elephants that are the symbol of this nation, to helping prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS that has been a blight on the populat...
S5 Ep4 - Central America 44:50

S5 Ep4 - Central America

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Central America - Diego takes us on a wild journey through four countries in Central America, which serves as a crucial link between South America and Mexico en route to the United States. It’s a poignant and often nail biting ride as he meets immigrants spending their last dimes on their...
S5 Ep3 - Ukraine 45:32

S5 Ep3 - Ukraine

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Ukraine - Diego finds himself in the Ukraine which first gained its independence after the fall of the Russian Tsar in 1917 only to have it snatched away again in 1920. After this the Ukrainians suffered through famines, World Wars and 70 odd years of brutal Soviet rule. Emerging as an in...
S5 Ep2 - Antarctica 44:37

S5 Ep2 - Antarctica

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Antarctica - After a six and a half hour plane ride from Cape Town, South Africa, Diego arrives on the almost featureless 2,000 metre thick ice sheet that covers Antarctica. The sun rose here last October, it won’t set until March. Now he has just 28 days to adjust to the highest, dries...
Don't Tell My Mother I'm In... S5 Ep1 - Pakistan 44:53

Don't Tell My Mother I'm In... S5 Ep1 - Pakistan

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Pakistan - It’s known as 'The Battleground on the Roof Of the World' and Diego spends a few weeks with some of the 10,000 Pakistani soldiers who call this remote mountain range their home, as they defend an invisible line between them and India on the largest non-polar glacier in the worl...
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