April 2016

S1 Ep3 - The Battle Of Nations

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The Battle of Nations - In August and September 1918 the German Army suffers defeat after defeat, overwhelmed by Allied superiority in supplies, men and machinery ? a crushing experience for a devout nationalist like the young Walter Model. The emerging American tank troops have been trained by Lieutenant Colonel George S. Patton. At the end of September 1918, he leads some tanks into battle and is wounded. Recovering from his wounds he witnesses the end of World War One. Germany has been broug...

S1 Ep2 - Purgatory

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Purgatory - In March 1916 at the battle of Verdun, Captain Charles De Gaulle is wounded by a bayonet and forced to surrender to German forces. It's a bitter moment for the battle-hardened officer. His time as a German POW shapes his impressions of Germany, and will have a profound impact on his stance during World War II and right into the post-war era. Meanwhile, Herman Goering makes reconnaissance flights over the battlefield of Verdun and downs a number of enemy aircraft. He's fighting the '...

S1 Ep1 - The Fall Of Man

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The Fall Of Man: They called it “the war to end all war’. But WW1 turned out to be only the beginning of the most murderous 30 years in living history. On the battlefields of Flanders and Northern France, the seed was sown for the murderous excesses of WW2. (From Germany, in English and German) (Documentary) PG(A) CC