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Sadie confronts Billy about new evidence in the case against him and is disappointed when his explanation is not what she expected.

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Season 1
As Sadie tries to keep her relationship with Billy strictly professional, she works on a case involving one of Isaiah's oldest friends, Jonah Porter.
Sadie Ellis, a successful defense lawyer, starts to fall for her charismatic client, Billy Brennan, who may or may not be guilty of a brutal crime.
After the verdict in Billy's trial, Sadie learns a secret that could have impacted his case. Meanwhile, Billy turns to the governor to ask a favour.
Tiffany and Cameron work on a case to defend a woman who murdered her best friend while allegedly sleepwalking.
As Sadie and Albert present the defense's case to the jury in Billy's trial, Nick and Tiffany defend a former prison friend of Nick's.
The offices of Isaiah Roth & Associates are chaotic as Billy's case begins.
Billy's mock trial ends in a conviction. Shaken by these results, Albert and Sadie work together to form a new, more aggressive legal strategy as they prepare for voir dire.
While Cameron, Isaiah and Sadie prepare for Carolyn's parole hearing, Carolyn will not allow Cam to use the information about her illness at the hearing.
The team at Isaiah Roth & Associates joins forces to work through Molly Brennan's therapy tapes while Sadie serves as the attorney on Isaiah's daughter Dylan's divorce proceedings.
After sleeping together, Billy and Sadie agree to keep their business and professional lives separate.
When the DNA results come back in Billy's case, Sadie avoids the gag order placed on revealing them by making a scene in court to bolster public support for him.
Sadie interviews Billy's ex-classmates hoping to find information about a key piece of evidence. Also, she defends Elena Garcia, her childhood best friend, in a probation violation case.