January 2018

Season 5, Episode 7

3.0 9 x
After Matt "passes" on the new show that he developed with Sean & Beverly, the British writers are forced to figure out what lies ahead without him. Carol purses her lawsuit against Helen & the network with surprising results

Season 5, Episode 6

3.0 8 x
Sean and Beverly find themselves in an ugly dispute with Matt when he demands a writing credit on their new show. Carol decides to sue Helen and the network for sexual harassment.

Season 5, Episode 5

3.0 11 x
Beverly is forced to tell Carol the truth about Merc. Matt also gets some devastating news.

Season 5, Episode 4

4.0 8 x
Sean and Beverly spend a weekend with Matt at his ranch trying to come up with an idea for a new show.

Season 5, Episode 3

3.0 7 x
Matt tries to convince Sean and Beverly to leave "The Opposite of Us" and create his next show. Carol hits rock bottom. But she finds solace in the most unlikely of places.

Season 5, Episode 2

4.0 9 x
Matt's tryst with Danika, the girl in the box, has gone viral. By the next morning, the sex tape has already gotten millions of hits. The network is freaking out. No amount of damage control can contain this.

Season 5, Episode 1

3.0 10 x
After several months Matt's show "The Box" is now a runaway hit. Unfortunately for Matt, this means he is now only thought of as a gameshow host, his years as an actor completely forgotten.

Season 4, Episode 9

4.0 11 x
With Helen out of town there seems to be a window for Carol and Beverly to enjoy each other's company without looking over their shoulders, but an ill-fated hike puts both Carol's career and the Lincolns' show in jeopardy.
December 2017

Season 4, Episode 8

3.0 10 x
Beverly and Carol are forced to hide their friendship from an increasingly jealous Helen, while Matt is still furious at the Lincolns for reneging on their offer to let him star in their new show.

Season 4, Episode 7

3.0 7 x
Sean is increasingly frustrated by Matt's lack of interest in his new project The Opposite of Us and guilt-trips the actor into reading the script - with unexpected consequences.