Ethics Centre IQ2 Debates

August 2018

Season 1 Episode 1 - Humanity Is Designing Its Own Demise

3.0 8 x
Are we the only species dumb enough actively design our own demise? The dystopians say that the future of humanity is perilous, citing inaction on climate change, broken political systems, growing inequalities and the development of robots that will take our jobs… and then kill us. The utopians say we’re smart enough to de...

Season 1 Episode 3 - The Refugee Convention Is Out Of Date

4.0 16 x
With the number of displaced people now the highest it’s ever been at 60 million, it’s a good time to ask, is the UN Refugee Convention still working? Some say the Convention is too narrow, unfairly excluding those fleeing war, general violence, poverty, lack of opportunity and natural disasters. Others say it’s too broad,...

Season 1 Episode 4 - Political Correctness Failed Itself

4.0 17 x
Have the politically correct cultural elite failed their own efforts to create a more respectful world by hypocritically bullying and inflaming the hard right? From Trump to Brexit and the resurgence of One Nation closer to home, people are demanding our leaders say it like they see it. Critics think we’ve stopped telling ...

Season 2 Episode 1 - The Tech Giants

3.0 13 x
When today’s tech giants burst into Silicon Valley, we hailed them as the democratising disruptors of old-school media. But a techlash is brewing. Deliberately addictive apps that change users’ neural pathways, inaction on online bullying, abuse of data, tax evasion, fake news, aggressive monopolising, and Russian bots med...

Season 2 Episode 2 - Me Too

3.0 9 x
Has the #MeToo movement gone too far, reversing sexism instead of rebalancing it and labelling awkward sexual encounters as serious assaults? Or has it not yet gone far enough to jail criminal men? United by social media and shared experiences of harassment and assault, women across the globe are collaborating to create th...