Expedition Wolf

April 2015

S1 Ep2 - Spring

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The second episode in this engaging two part natural history series follows the fortunes of one very special pack of wolves as they return to North America's West Coast. Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan and his team of wolf experts spend four weeks camping out in the bitterly cold Cascade Mountains. They discover that most of the wolf pack had been killed by locals who live by the motto " shoot, shovel and shut - up". The team hope that at least some of the pack has escaped. As they chase exc...

S1 Ep1 - Winter

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Once shot to the brink of extinction wild wolves are now returning to the United States with a vengeance. They are crossing the Canadian border and tension is mounting. A team of biologists track down these top predators to find if there is something special about these wolves that are helping them survive. It's a difficult mission in an unforgiving mountain landscape and the team must struggle through snow covered forests, along ancient paths and through long forgotten valleys. (From UK, in En...