Extreme Cheapskates

May 2019

Episode 6 (Melody / Marlin)

3.0 211 x
A mother spends only $1,000 a month on her family of four through extreme sharing; the father faces his biggest savings challenge as he organizes his daughter's sweet-sixteen.

Episode 4 (Jordan / Michael)

4.0 65 x
A Utah housewife spends only $1,400 a month for her family of five by rationing and finding new uses for everything.

Episode 3 (Angel / Mark)

3.5 37 x
A woman who is eight months pregnant still frequents junkyards with her husband; he manages to not spend any of his full-time salary.
April 2019

Episode 2 (Matt / Sarah)

4.0 43 x
To afford his dream of becoming a professional wrestler a man reduces his spending to $300 a month; a woman never leaves her family's catering events without leftovers.

Episode 1 (Rick & Karissa / Torski)

3.0 88 x
A husband and wife have been competing to be cheaper than the other since their wedding; they share everything to limit cost.
July 2018

Episode 2 (Terence/Greg)

4.5 91 x
Terence and Greg cause friction when others rebel against their budgets.