Fanshaw And Crudnut


Episode 5 (Zombie Slithers/The Black Hole)

3.5 61 x
Fanshaw and Crudnut will do anything to get out of washing dishes, but being chased by a zombie was not part of the plan./Princess Vial volunteers Fanshaw and Crudnut to clean Vial Palace Annual but Fanshaw thinks of a way to avoid the work.

Episode 2 (Ninja Slugs/Eau d' Crudnut)

2.5 112 x
Fanshaw and Crudnut are on guard duty, and take way too long to notice that Princess Vial has been kidnapped./Crudnut totally stinks so Fanshaw and Hunter give him his first ever bath, but Fanshaw worries that he will he lose his best friend.

Episode 1 (The Train Job/Room For A Pony)

4.0 112 x
Fanshaw and Crudnut are sent to guard a high-speed intergalactic space train but Gunk and Titchit are planning a robbery./Fanshaw has forgotten Crudnut's birthday so he buys him a gift which totally surprises him.