Filthy Rich

Filthy Rich catch up

June 2021

1. Pilot

4.0 28 x
The unknown heirs of a wealthy businessman hatch a plan to get a piece of his fortune.

10. 1 Corinthians 3:13

3.0 35 x
The Monreaux family finds out a secret that threatens to tear them apart. With Mark and Rose ready for the next step in their relationship, Margaret is compelled to intervene and protect Rose.

2. John 3:3

3.0 21 x
Margaret finds a way to capitalize on the surprise revelation for the benefit of herself and Sunny Club; Margaret puts Eric in charge of the charitable arm of the company; Rose finds out the shocking

3. Psalm 25:3

4.0 31 x
After Ginger's live baptism causes an uproar among fans, Margaret invites her to appear on "Wings of a Dove"; Jason's lies start to catch up with him; Ginger asks for Margaret's help with a stalker.

4. Romans 8:30

1.5 30 x
Rose offers the Monreaux home as a safe haven for Ginger and her mother; Tina reveals to Ginger that she knows who the mysterious stalker is.

5. Proverbs 20:6

3.0 20 x
Margaret's confidante, Franklin, uses Mardi Gras to honor his mother's memory; Reverend Paul and Eric, to Margaret's dismay, appear in a political commercial for the local governor.

6. Hebrews 9:15

3.0 23 x
Ginger tries to use the tape of her kidnapping to bring down the men on 18:22; Margaret searches for a new factory for her perfume line; Eric receives a mysterious gift.

7. 2 Corinthians 3:17

4.0 39 x
After Margaret gives the children an ultimatum, Ginger decides to help Rose with a fashion show to unveil her new collection; Jason's bonding with Veronica leads to a revelation about his brother.

8. James 4:1

3.0 38 x
On the night of Antonio's big fight, tensions run high in the Monreaux family; when Rose runs into her ex-fiance, old wounds from the past are reopened; Becky contemplates her relationship with Eric.

9. Romans 12:21

4.0 11 x
The Monreaux family must use every resource at their disposal in the search for Antonio's son; Jason comes clean about his deceptions; Margaret makes a huge discovery about the plane crash.