First Home Fix

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First Home Fix

Mark and Michael want fun and relaxing spaces that reflect their diverse family while Bethany and Dave need storage and functionality adaptable to the needs of a growing family.

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Season 1
Raisa and Austin renovate a house for Lori, John and their kids. Having undergone renovations in the past, the team must flex its creative muscles to make the home work.
Raisa and Austin tackle their biggest renovation yet when helping Nicole and Matt remodel their first home, a 100-year-old house badly in need of reconfiguration.
Raisa and Austin travel to Long Beach to help renovate a classic Cliff May home for first time buyers Maycie and Chris.
A young couple renovate a recently purchased house in South Los Angeles. Having grown up in the area, Austin feels a personal connection and is excited for its rebirth.
Raisa and Austin tackle two renovations for two families. Juliet and Derek have a kitchen and living space stuck in the '70s while Cassie and Glenn need changes to their '80s home