First Stories

August 2018

Season 3 Episode 4 - Hooked Up: Ndns Online

Expired 3.0 5 x
Hooked Up is a fresh, inventive look at the internet and askes us to consider this question: does the web provide Indigenous people with a sense of community?

Season 3 Episode 3 - His Guidance, Okiskinotahewewin

Expired 3.0 3 x
This is the story of Rocky Morin, a drummer who first felt the pull of the drum almost 15 years ago. He hasn't looked back since.

Season 3 Episode 2 - Two Spirited

Expired 4.0 3 x
The empowering story of Rodney 'Geeyo' Poucette's struggle against the prejudice in the Indigenous community as a two spirited person (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered).

Season 3 Episode 1 - Walking Alone

Expired 4.0 4 x
Walking Alone is an edgy, searing portrait of an ex-gang member trying to make his peace with his past.